Saturday, April 22, 2017

Ten years and beyond on Facebook

It's been my decade on Facebook. Being with the largest social network for ten years means a lot. You've been making constantly connecting new people and new friends.

The most remarkable year is the year 2017 when I can search for my families, clans and relatives on Facebook. I have even create Facebook Group and Page for both Portales and Yabes relatives. It seems so very exciting to have these great families to be connected on and off Facebook. I even looking for a grand reunion and meeting with them!

Another thing is when I created Facebook Groups and Facebook Pages for the 18 regions, 81 provinces, 145 cities and 1,489 municipalities in the Philippines. My intention is to promote the locals by having official groups and pages and to encourage everyone to participate in the discussion. It's fun way of meeting new people as well as the chance to travel these places in the future.

So, I will stay on Facebook not just for ten years but beyond the ten years. It feels like I am in authority with these activities and discussions that I am doing with groups and pages, being the sole group admin/page manager and with the efforts of group moderators/page editors.

Of course, I have chance in helping the propagation of GOD's word in terms of sharing blogs of Mr. Controversy. Hoping these groups and pages get more audiences, with GOD's help.

So, keep up the good work. I am worthless with out GOD's help.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

My first BPO job

It was December 2016 when headhunters caught me to undergo a hiring job caravan. Offering first a free meal from a fast food located along Ayala avenue, next to USANA Philippines office where it is my scheduled to-do list visit with a friend: to attend a seminar. But headhunters really managed to divert my sched to go to job hiring process intead. What a great job these headhunters did!!! Hahaha.
At around three o'clock, we headed to the Alorica office, just a few blocks from Ayala avenue, undergone the long process of hiring in a call center: initial, online and final interviews with different HR people. Long process because of the long hours of waiting time in between. We log our details in a computer, wait for our names to be called, and so on and so forth. During long wait, we, applicants managed to talk to each on different topics, so an air of friendship was born for a little time. No one bothers to get contact numbers and Facebook accounts, may be for a simple 'nahihiya' thing at first.
At first, there were many of applicants, but as night goes deeper, only few remain standing for the final interview. We wait for hours for the finals. There were six of us that time, unfortunately only two didn't pass the final interview. Only four proceeded to sign the job order: John Carlo Abella, Miasayo Fontanilla, Williamson Pineda and yours truly.
Wave 226A of Alorica Exportbank, Makati City
We are all required to report on January 5th for orientation program. From there, I met my wave mates. We are under batch 226a. Training starts January 9th, our goal is to finish the 40 training days. We are 24 hopefuls to finish the training days.
Here are the list of 24 hopefuls, in sitting arrangement: John Harvey, Laurence, Patt, Joana Marie, Alona, Jessie, JC, Cy, Eric, William, Mia, Ex, Majo, Joy, Dave, Melvin, me, Marky, JL, Egay, Jaja, Pham, Dahlz and Blue. Thanks to our trainers: Denise, Rob and Reeno.
Everyone of us passed the accent training, so everybody must be serious enough to pursue to be one of the agents in the BPO industry. Although it is always maligned by others by putting the industry in bad light in the Philippines, one must be brave enough to be in it. Simply because we do customer service insanely great and awesome. Most importantly, a significant percentage of our hard-earned salary is contributed to the development of the Philippines by means of tax collection.
As of this writing, only 14 of us are now working at production floor,  doing great things for customer's great experience. The next two months will determine our abilities on becoming regular status employees.

Friday, August 12, 2016


In past few weeks this August, I unfriended a bunch of people on my Facebook account. From close friends, strangers and even some of my relatives. This maintains a social account to authentic connections among virtual online friends.

By the way, this move require myself to set standards on who to keep connections with and those who should be avoided. One should be prioritized is to follow Facebook's Community Standards, the rest is mine. I myself adhere to real name policy to be able to protect every users from posting nasty things on Facebook if this is strictly monitored and followed. So all former Facebook friends whom I detected this violation are automatically deleted friends.

Second, using pictures of artists, celebrities, animals, cartoon characters, etc. should not be used as profile picture on Facebook account. It's improper to this. Others even use their child's photo as theirs! What a gross!

Then, those who works in The Krusty Club, Sa Puso Mo and other unbelievable profile information. Keep an eye on this. This will refect your online reputation as the saying goes "Tell me who your friends are and I will tell who you are." Make sure to hit follow button on all your friends and monitor their posts and their profiles as well. Just be patient for cluttered newsfeeds daily.

Finally, delete all Facebook friends who use more than one Facebook account. Report to Facebook as possible as you can. People with more than one Facebook account are not worthy to keep as social contacts. It's my opinion anyway.

More to come.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Summing up for year 2015

A great good year is now gone. I remember things which made life more inspiring and willingness to survive. The year made my life under the subject of lots of changes. A turning point for much better me.

Yes! New jobs. New colleagues yet new faces to join circles of friends. Above all new places to through. Meeting new people at different places around Luzon Islands.

For those people who are dear to me, may you always be able to adapt challenges and accept change. A lot of people change jobs, companies continue to merge and new relationships build over time. Keeping moving. Always be fit to survive life. Our great Creator is always lend a helping hand until we end.

Remember your checklists, not chick lists. Okay?

Thursday, April 30, 2015


Just a letter to myself...

It's time to prepare yourself in any circumstances. Be productive as you can be. Do the best for tasks given to you. Always strive for perfection. Involve yourself to people, be human and responsible.

Procrastination is okay but remember it has limit. Be friendly to people around you, around the social networks and around the world. Assist strangers with a smile. Carry on the truth you have learned. Remember, always do the best.

Go out of comfort zone and be challenged mentally, physically and spiritually. Knock doors when in need. Do homework, know your facts, and remember the passion that persuades.

Make allowances for your friend's imperfections as readily as you do for your own. Always look for new best friends.

Pay bills on time, pay tax, avoid credits. Be thrifty. Remember, wealth is health, too.

Above all things, pray.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sulong Ilagan March

Composer: Msgr. Ingino Rapadas

Sulong Na, Sulong Pa, Sige, Abante, Ilagan!
Sulong Na, Sulong Pa, Sige, Abante, Ilagan!
Kilos Na, Kilos Pa, Magguyu Paga Ittam!
Iyoddu Tam, Iyoddu Tam I Dayaw Na Ilagan!

Aru Ngana I Kingngua Tam
Sulong, Sulong, Sulong Pa!
Aru Paga I Kuat-Tam
Sige Abante, Ilagan!

Arayyu Ngana I Nadde Tam
Sulong, Sulong, Sulong Pa!
Arayyu Paga I Angayat-Tam
Sige Abante, Ilagan!

Attannang Ngana I Nagawa Tam
Sulong, Sulong, Sulong Pa!
Ettam Paga Nga Atannangan
Sige, Abante, Ilagan!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Bahay kubo and Cariñosa

In the Philippines, bahay kubo is the national house and it is also considered one of the folk song of the country. So the reason why bahay kubo did not became the national folk dance probably because it was considered as Awiting Bayan rather than a dance.

Instead of Bahay Kubo, Cariñosa became officially the national folk dance of the Philippines. It rooted from one of the colonizers, the Spain. One of the legacy of Spain is most probably the Cariñosa dance. Like a baby, there is always something good trait it can inherit from its mother.

So let's embrace it rather than accused it or change. Changes will always incur costs specially in our very own identifies. Like changing the national language from Tagalog to Cebuano or something else will require huge amount. It will displace also the Talagog or Filipino subject teachers as well, and will eventually need trainings for new Cebuano teachers if this will happen in the future.

What changes should be expected rather?

The year that was 2014

A very good year for everyone specially in the northern part of the Philippines. No strong typhoons hit here specially my home city of Ilagan. A lot of good reasons for the year that was 2014 for me to survive and get a life this 2015.

So as long as I can update my very own blog, I will do it with God's help. My 2015 theme is "Let's Get Connected!" Be human guys.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Our Teachers, Heroes of Today

Teacher is the backbone of the community. Sacrifice, determination, courage, dedication, selfless, perseverance these are the common qualities attributes to a hero.

Noisy students, new learning plans, mountain of test papers, - these are in a day’s work for a regular teacher. Despite the demanding situations and long hours of work, teachers of today persevere and endure, recognizing the crucial role they play in molding the minds of the future generations. As the unsung nation builders, they plant seeds of information and ensure the holistic growth of their students.

Happy teacher's day!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Facebook sharing method in groups

Blogs, posts, photos, tweets, hash tags, videos, links, etc. these are things people do with social nets. And facebook is a perfect place to share these things with friends, colleagues especially loved ones.

You can have maximum of five thousand friends in your facebook account. With that limit, whatever you share is tantamount to be likewse limited also. The target is still significant to reach these in your account.

First of all, I am the group and page admin of all related places in the Philippines. These have unified makings for everybody's easy identification. As time goes by, it will accumulate members and increase likes. These will make easy to reach and target more than the five thousand of a regulsr account eventually.

Atleast half of the Filiino population are on facebook right now. Maybe it is or not, then I will know the figure later. The groups and pages are lucky enough to accumulate these millions of Filipinos under one and same admin. The fame comes naturally by yours truly.

As of this date, 144 city-groups, over 1,400 town-groups, 81 province-groups in 16 region-groups are there on facebook for everyone's attention. Hopefully everyone is joining. See you there!

Contact me via email

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The west hosts International Thanksgiving

First time for the west to host this 1st Quarter 2014 International Thanksgiving, this event will mean a lot for us members of the Church of God in the bible. Although I was not given the opportunity to go to Brazil, here I was only in one of the monitoring centers in Isabela province, Philippines. Since the event is hosted in Brazil, it doesn't matter the differences in time.

Coinciding the three-day event is Bro. Eli Soriano's 50th anniversary of accepting his holy baptism in the one true church he leads today unto salvation. A golden years of serving God and humanity. No matter what happen, in the years to come, that same man is highly determined to continue what was started in our country to the western part of the globe. Truly, his service is fully utilized in preaching the gospel around the globe.

The first day of the event was the opening of another wisdom in the Bible. Topic is about friends of God in these last days. In this lecture, I learned that being friend with God, every secrets and His plan are revealed. Nothing is secret on being friends. Even from the account of creation was revealed to Moses, including the plan of God's salvation to human race.

On the second day, Bro. Daniel speaks of the seven spirits of God. It's the sign that a true preacher of God in our time. These are the spirit of the Lord, the spirit of wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, knowledge and the fear of the Lord. Preachers of God are the recipients of His secrets even mysteries are manifested. In our time, God reveals these secrets in the person of Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel which was hidden since eternity.

The picture above amazes me so much as Bro. Daniel elaborates the seven spirits.
The last day of the event was the offering of songs of praises to God from different places in the congregation. Various documentaries were played concerning the progress of the global evangelization of the church. Then follows the climax of the topic by Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon. The three-day event was not sufficient to discuss the whole topic which will be continued on Saturday.

To God be the glory. I can't explain my feelings anymore! It's wonderful and fantastic! Until next time, God willing.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

No Easy Way

Now tell me if you know a single person who hasn’t failed yet. Have you ever encountered a student who never failed in an exam in his whole life? What about a story character who won all the time? Ever heard of a story without twists? Yung tipong happy ending agad. Well, probably not. That’s the point – life would not be called life if it does not have lessons. And lessons would never exist without mistakes. Let’s sum it up: You can’t win all the time. That probably is the art of losing. Let us face it, most of us are afraid to commit mistakes, most of us are afraid to lose something. Most of us as much as possible don’t want to fail. But the inevitable truth is, just what I’ve said a while ago: You can’t win all the time. That’s probably a good thing. Just imagine watching a story of a man who went through his whole life on an endless winning streak. That would be boring for sure. There is the fact behind this: all winners don’t grow for they don’t learn anything.

People face different kinds of failures. May it be failing in a test, having a fight with your friend and even having your heart broken. These are just some from the numerous kinds failures. But why are people afraid to fail? According to, fear of failure is like any other type of fear, it’s an emotion generated by your subconscious mind in order to protect you from problems. Because some people have got much less tolerance to failure they always experience fear of failure, while others don’t. The reason behind this tolerance may be caused by lack of understanding of the success mechanism, being unable to tolerate the underlying emotions. These emotions could be shame, guild, or any emotion after they fail. Fear of making mistakes. Some people fear making mistakes to the extent that they quit trying just not to make a mistake in front of others. In this case, the fear of failure may be caused by lack of self confidence. In this case, the fear of failure may be caused by lack of self confidence. People who are emotionally sensitive, who fear rejection and those who lack self-confidence are more likely to be afraid of failure than others.

Failure will be and will always be a part of life. Thus, the only better way is to befriend it. Failure is just a message telling you that you have to try doing the same thing in a different way. Overcoming it may start by changing your beliefs about failure. No one has ever reached the top without failing several times. Build you self-confidence. Remember: having a better version of you starts from within. Give yourself a hand.

These are a hundred ways to kill a chicken. What I’m trying to say is, if you fail once, it doesn't mean you shouldn't try anymore. Failing means you could do better. Failing means learning from your past. There are no lost opportunities if you are always searching for alternatives. Delete the thought that you should win all the time. Here’s a simple thought: the ones who don’t fail, are pretty empty. Let life’s disappointments create a better version of you. Look forward to the ways loss will you change. Believe that the best is yet to come. And if those useless feedback keep dragging you down, bear this in mind: Failures would never ever define you truly are. So cheer up!

Friday, October 4, 2013

My Teacher, My Hero

Let me start by defining what a hero is. A hero is a person admired for great deeds or fine qualities, and a person who shows great courage. These qualities are strongly evident in the teachers.

The life of a teacher is very interesting and challenging. A teacher is a guide, a searcher, a counsellor, a creator, an authority, an inspirer of vision, a doer of routine, a story teller and actor or actress, a facer of reality and an evaluator. A teacher takes a hand, opens mind, touches a heart and shapes the future of pupils that are entrusted in her love and care to the fullest contentment. The teachers serve as second parents  and models in school. As role models, they must project good public image worthy of emulation. They must manifest dedication, sincerity, dignity, professionalism, simplicity and self respect. They must also have respect for people, faith in their intelligence and the willingness to enter into human relations on the basis of equality, the give and take relationship with peers and/or co-workers, parents and citizens. The role of the teachers in nation building can never be under estimated. They share a greater bulk of responsibility in moulding the minds of the leader of tomorrow, the youth.

Based on the multi tasks, responsibilities and expectations from teachers, I strongly commend that they are really the superheroes of every generation. They deserved to be recognized, honoured and be given merits not only on the occasion of teacher’s day but throughout the days of their lives for their magnanimous and unselfish efforts and dedication in the lives of the pupils that surely redound and enshrined in the hearts of the parents, the community, the nation and most of all, to the world. I salute you dear teachers, the heroes of today, tomorrow and forever.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

On Strategies and Planning

Strategies and planning is not just for the games like chess, soccer, American football and basketball for a team to make it on the top. Managing one’s life also require planning and strategies to build our future and enjoy the bounty of life by experiencing comfort and contentment in life.

Business entities goal is to satisfy its costumers, clientele to make their product saleable or fast moving for them to generate sales that spells success and stability of the business of the economy and in the market competition. In able to compete other business and make it a difference in market competition, shop owners through their business plans strategies.

Separating strategy from planning: strategy is about decision making. It is about trade-off, about deciding how to focus, how to be the best, how to be different, and how to best pursue opportunities. Planning is the process of deciding what actions are needed to achieve the vision or goal of the business.

Planning helps an organization chart a course for the achievement of its goals. The process begins with reviewing the current operations of the organization and identifying what needs to be improved operationally in the upcoming year. From there, planning involves envisioning the results of the organization wants to achieve, and determining the steps necessary to arrive at the intended destination—success, whether that is measured in financial terms, or goals that include being the highest-rated organization in customer satisfaction. Planning promotes team building and a spirit of cooperation. When the plan is completed and communicated to members of the organization, everyone knows what their responsibilities are, and how other areas of the organization, need their assistance and expertise in order to complete assigned tasks. They see how their work contributes to the success of the organization as a whole and can take pride in their contributions. Potential conflict can be reduced when top management solicits department or division managers’ input during the goal setting process. Individuals are less likely to resent budgetary targets when they had a say in their creation.

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest rout to victory; tactics without energy is the noise before defeat” quoted by Sun Tzu – The Art of War. Marketing Strategy is something that helps companies achieves marketing objectives. Marketing objectives help achieve corporate objectives and corporate objectives aim to achieve a competitive advantage over rival organizations.

Monday, July 29, 2013

On Family, Children and Relationship

The basic unit of society is the family. The family is the very heart of the society, men’s system of living together in this world. The family is the first socializing agent and the source of strength and stability of its members. A child that is brought forth in this world belongs to a family. The family, therefore, especially the parents, play a vital role in instilling values and attitudes to the children and able to support and give them a bright future.

However there may be instances when a child is left by his biological parents in the care of another entity mainly because of poverty. There could be many reasons why the mother would be willing to give up her child to be taken care of by grandparents or relatives. Another reason could be separated parents with both of them having another family again. The child may have been left an orphan as a consequence of the death of parents, either the father or the mother. It may also be because one or both parents went abroad to work because of economic pressure.

Poverty and the demands of daily living have pushed not only the father to work but the mother as well. This has caused a departure in the mother’s traditional responsibility of child rearing and doing the household chores. In addition to child rearing, the responsibilities of housekeeping are already being shared by the husbands of working mothers. But considering that both husband and wife need to go out to work at least 8 hours a day for five days a week to maintain the standard of living of the family and provide for the needs of their growing children, the latter are left to the care of non- biological parents either in another home and in schools. This situation, according to Huh1 has created child rearing and upbringing problems that develop implications in the growth and development of the child. Palispis2 says that any person or institution that shares a person’s values and behavior is an agent of socialization. Although these agents are particularly important in the early years of the life cycle socialization is a lifetime process that continues across the life span.

The causes of change in the family, according to Spocks,3 are the mass media, peer group, parents, and technological change.  The media like the television, radio and other broadcast media as well as print media play a very important  role in  the  process  of socialization.  The radio or television program, to which the child is exposed to, will certainly influence his personality, values, and belief system. Among peers, socialization focuses more on the children’s interest and activities than on the priorities of adults. While peer groups are important to all adolescents, they are especially influential when parental guidance, affection and attention are lacking. Alienated and delinquent adolescents are more deeply affected by their peers than adolescents who are not alienated from their families and do not have history of delinquency. Some parents get separated from their children because of economic pressure. They know that going abroad raises the household’s standard of living. But emotional, strain, loneliness, and anxiety become major problems both of husband and wife. In this kind of situation of the family, there is tendency that couples separate and children will suffer a lot of difficulties. As technology develops, there are newer video games, internet and music videos. Video games much more than violent movies have the ability to capture children imagination and train their emotions to accept violence because with video games children are active participants. The majority of household now have cable television and with it music videos. Most of these videos contain sexual images often bordering on pornography. Violence is common, including violence against women. There are chat rooms where people can participate in round table discussion in every imaginable subject. Because of these changes, having a healthy family is hard to achieve.

In our society today, it is observed that the children have different behaviors from those of the earlier generation. These behavioral differences may be rooted in the way the different aspects of life are handle, one of which and probably the most influential is how the family has been treated.

The researcher chose this study because of her great concern for the growth and development of the child. It is observed that the major issue in the educational system is the declining standard of education. According to Paloma,4 teachers are accused of being incompetent. It is easy to blame teachers and school administrators when our children bring home failing grades. While it is true that some teachers are not the most skillful, some children are clearly able to learn from them. And even though schools do not have the best facilities, some children manage to get an education there and go on to graduate from college and universities. Why, because what happens at school is only one part of education process. The parents, also, have a vital role in determining the children’s success. Parents may not have realized it, but children’s teachers want help. Most teachers take pride in their work. They are  competent  and  dedicated.  Nothing  gives  greater satisfaction than helping others develop their talents. Through the researcher’s observation as well as those of her co-teachers, the behavior, and attitude of pupils are worsening and their academic performance is decreasing. The reasons are some pupils are observed to be lazy in their seatwork/homework, projects are not accomplished because of poverty and some parents and guardians of pupils are less supportive and guiding at home because majority of parents and guardians have attained elementary level only. There is no challenge or motivation to pursue higher levels of education, there is lack of ambition and are contented with their present life situation dictated by their economic environment so the needs of the children in the school is inadequate. According to the writer and her co-teachers, pupils are seen to become bullies, clowns, hard headed, noisy, selfish, dependent, tactless and aggressive. Others are observed to be kind, attentive, considerate, helpful, polite, independent, obedient, tactful, talented and respectful. The academic performance of some of those who are under the care of biological parents are of low average, some are high as well. This was confirmed based on their Form 137 and Form 138. With these observations, the parents and guardians must be aware of the problem of their children.  The  researcher  would  like  the  parents  to   teach their children to value education, to do their homework/seatwork, to have  the  right  use  of  television,  to  communicate,  to be honest, and to respect authority so that the children would become successful in their studies.

It if for this reason that study was conducted to find out the child care practices of parents and guardians of pupils of Santa Isabel Sur Elementary School and its effect on their academic performance.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Panatang Makapalay

“Bilang isang mamamayang Pilipino,
Nakikiisa ako sa panatang huwag magsayang ng kanin o bigas.
Magsasaing ako ng sapat lamang,
at sisiguraduhing tama ang pagkaluto nito.

Kukuha ako ng kaya kong ubusin
Upang sa aking pinggan ay walang matirang kanin.
Ganun din ang aking gagawin kung may handaan
O kung sa laban kakain.

Ang brown rice o pinawa ay susubukan kong kainin,
Pati na ang ibang pagkain bukod sa kanin
Tulad ng mais, kamote at saging.

Ituturo ko sa iba ang responsableng pagkukunsumo
nang mabigyang halaga ang pagod ng magsasaka,
at nang makatulong na maging sapat
ang bigas sa Pilipinas.

Aking isapuso ang panatang ito
dahil sa bawat butil ng bigas o kanin na aking matitipid
ay may buhay na masasagip.”

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Brief Guide of Chess Rules

  1. The chessboard is placed so that the white square is on the right side of the player.The player with the
  2. White pieces always moves first.
  3. A pawn on reaching the last rank will always be promoted to a piece of his choice, a Queen, Rook, Bishop or Knight as part of the same rows. The effect of this promoted piece is immediate. So if the pawn is promoted to a Queen, the Queen if it is in a position to do so, may check or checkmate the enemy King.
  4. Each move must be made with only one hand.
  5. A piece that is touched must be moved unless moving this piece would place the King in check. This is called the “touch-move rule.” If an opponent’s piece is touched then it must be captured if possible. If this is not possible then play continues as if that piece had not been touched.
  6. A person may adjust on the chessboard on her move by saying “j’a double” which in French for “I adjust.”
  7. When castling, the King must be moved first and then the Rook brought to stand on the opposite side to the King.
  8. When using a clock, the button must be pressed with the hand which moved the piece of the chessboard.
  9. All play should be conducted with respect for the opponent. A player should not distract or annoy her opponent in any way.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Ten Rules of Making New Friends

If you were to make the Ten Rules of Friendship, the following should be included:

1. Do things together.
2. Be honest.
3. Talk about ideas, homes and dreams, fears and disappointments.
4. Encourage one another to do what is right.
5. Be trustworthy and trusting.
6. Talk out problems and disagreements
7. Look out for one another.
8. Listen carefully for another.
9. Comfort each other in down times.
10. Have fun.

That's it. Being a good friend will be simple.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

How great Thou art!

In the recently concluded thanksgiving day on June 22, 2013, once again by the help of the Holy Spirit with our religious leaders Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon. The congregation was very amazed with the biblical truths about regarding the kind of life we will have in the future. It's not only everlasting life that will be rewarded to the children of God, but in the ultimate truth, we shall attain the glory of God.

To God be the Glory!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Blood donations, websites and books

This week I have some addition about my biography. Check them out at

Additions cited about the dates of first and the latest blood donations I have on my list, also with more than a dozen of books I am currently reading and the list of websites I have accounts officially registered on.

Be smart kids. Cheers. :D

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Twitter Updates

I just updated my following to my twitter account. Now on balance number both followers and following.

Enjoy guys. Have your twitter account. Embrace today's technology.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

2014 and beyond

My website has been sponsored to stay online until May 20, 2014.

Thank you very much. More years to come.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Starting online class with Prof. Gary Burton

Let's enjoy learning, classmates!

Intro to Music Production

With that 17.3% grade for the subject. Okay na rin yan kesa wala.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Just recently deleted friends on Facebook

The recently deletion on my Facebook account friends will give more friends to my new feeds, messages and notifications.

I have my own standards of accepting friend requests on Facebook at my discretion.


Thursday, April 25, 2013

No food during weekends

I love to eat festive food during week days but not on weekends. This is something to do with maintaining good health. Our body need to rest from eating too much that a person who eat several times in week. But remember some exceptions especially on preggies out people who maintain in medicines.

That's good to know. See my FULL schedule on my website at Thank for visiting.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The benefits of playing musical instruments

In response to an article posted by Vince Crispaul on his website. Benefits of playing instruments are:

1. brain power booster
2. memory enhancer
3. confidence builder
4. stress reducer

So start playing and practice as often as you can!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pag-Ibig sa Kapwa

Pag-big sa kapwa'y pag-ibig rin sa Diyos.
At ito ang pumukaw sa ating puso't   kaluluwa.
Gintong-aral na sinasakatupara'y dito nagsimula
Ikalat sa buong mundo at tayo'y giginhawa
Bikig sa ating puso'y unti-unting mawawala
Imbing naghahari'y kusa ring matitinag
Gawing kapaki-pakinabang ang ating buhay.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Delay your anger

"It does not pay to say too much when you are mad enough to choke.
 "For the word that stings the deepest is the word that is never spoke.
 "Let the other fellow wrangle till the storm has blown away.
 "Then he'll do a heap of thinking about the things you didn't say."

—James Whitcomb Riley

Friday, February 15, 2013

Insights in the foundational principles of morality and you

Philosophers interested in theories of knowledge have another option for justifying beliefs – coherentism. To picture this theory at work, think of a web. A belief sits at each node in the web, and is connected to other beliefs through strands of logic. Each belief is justified by its relationship to other beliefs, themselves justified in terms of connection to other beliefs, which (eventually) which are all tied together. There are no foundational beliefs – no self-justified propositions that serve as a "foundation" for all others. Everything is justified by the quality of its connections to everything else. Some beliefs are very well connected. Others are connected only by thin threads.

The main aim of moral philosophy is to find the foundational principle of metaphysics of morals uses this idea in the first two chapters of his Groundwork. He wanted to develop a certain principle or principles used to make the ordinary moral judgments, which would be accepted by any normal, sane adult person doesn't address the moral skeptics, who need a reason to act morally, he has another aim – to establish some moral principle and show that this principle is rational. His idea is that "creatures with rational wills" have autonomy.

But there are other aims of moral philosophy according to Kant. One of the questions of moral philosophy is – What ought I to do?  the answer to this question needs to be something more that just informing the fundamental principle of morality. Kant offers a categorization of people's basic ethical obligations to themselves and others. Kant states also that there should be something said about absolute end of human's behavior, like the Highest God and the relation of it to moral life.

Kant often discusses the question of the method of moral philosophy to reach its aims. According to him the fundamental philosophical matters are to be addressed a priori, this means without using the observations of human beings and their behavior. As soon as the fundamental principles of morality are established a priori, the certain conclusions as for the further behavior of a person can be drawn with the help of the fact from his experience. But Kant himself doesn't always use only a priori method, as he talks for example about empirical facts, about practical principles, which determine people's wills.

These ten principles can serve as the analytical base for any social problem. For example, if anyone wonders why catholic church documents focus so frequently on war, peace, nuclear weapons, the economy, abortion, euthanasia, health care, education, and a wide range of other topics that have a clear social and moral dimension, these principles provide the necessary framework for understanding that teaching.

This Highest God to "Kant is complete moral virtue together with complete happiness, where the first one is the basis for gaining the second". Really few of people deserve the happiness. Kant called immorality (unlimited time for people to perfect themselves) and well being (given by Divine Providence) the "postulates", necessary for reason if to talk about moral matters.

Principles are important. Once internalized, they lead to something. They direct our choices. They prompt us to act. A principled person has a place to stand. He knows where he is coming from and where he wants to go. Principles give us purpose. Those of us who are teachers yearn, deep in our hearts, to help form principled persons who are ready and willing to act responsibly.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The newest member of the family

This is Alexandrea, my first niece. She was born last October 09, 2012 in the city of Ilagan, Isabela. At four months old, she can now responds to some of our gestures, she yells during her playtime. Currently, she is currently recognizing the Sponge bob's toy. Love it.

Monday, August 13, 2012

The New City of Ilagan

City Mayor Jay with a thumb up saying we are now a city.
Last August 11, 2012 successfully converted the Municipality of Ilagan into a city. The city now joins the rank of the other 143 cities in the Philippines.

Let me quote some famous sayings and anecdotes that a city must have:

“A great city is one where people want to go out of their homes. Public space is a magical good, and it never ceases to yield pleasure; we should give it a lot of attention. Public good prevails over private interest. A great city is where we all feel not excluded. The quality of the sidewalks in a city is the most telling thing. Just as a bird needs to fly, fish need to swim and deer need to run, we need to walk.”
“The most valuable asset in a city is its road space. The road space can be used as a society wishes. How do you want to distribute this space between pedestrians, bicycles, mass transit and cars—this is a political decision. Trying to solve traffic jams with bigger roads is like trying to put out a fire with gasoline. If there was more space for cars in London or New York, there would be more cars. Making new parking lots in London has been banned for over 40 years.”
“A city speaks, a city creates behavior. We want people to be able to leave their cars at home. In Holland a political decision was made to support bicycle infrastructure. It is done little by little. In Japan 30% of people who arrive at a train station arrive by bike. To have a safe bicycle route is a right; governments have to take a risk, show leadership and do the uncomfortable thing to invest in the necessary infrastructure. Bicycle use is a great symbol of equality. Someone on a $30 bike and a $30,000 car are equal in the street. A cyclist has as much right to use the road space as does a car. In developing countries 15-35% of people’s income is saved by those who travel by bicycle. In the future, bicycles will continue to become more and more important.

In 200 years people will say how could they live in those horrible 2010 cities? The 20th century will be remembered as disastrous for cities, as they were designed to accommodate cars, not people. “ Source: EcoLocalizer (

Monday, April 23, 2012

A visit to Ilagan Santuary

The last time we visit Ilagan Sanctuary was April 22, 2012. A wonderful experience with new people.

About two hours of walking before reaching the Pinzal Falls but most of us enjoy the scenic beauty of the place. It's definitely a commendable visit for you guys, despite the area leading to the falls do not have yet any concrete paths for an easy reach in a matter of minutes.

Find time to visit again, maybe the next summer of 2013. Enjoy enjoy and enjoy. :D

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dangerous Drugs

Drug abuse has dramatically worsened over the years. This is clearly manifested by the high number of apprehensions relative to the violation of Republic Act 9165 otherwise known as Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 which impose stiff penalties for would-be violators.

Philippine jails are also heavily populated with drug-related offenders or suspects. Their cases range from mere usage to the manufacture of dangerous drugs. The most common of which is called “Shabu”, “poor man’s cocaine” or “meth” or simply “bato”. In Ilagan District Jail alone, one-third of the jail population are suspects for the violation of RA 9165-all facing charges at the various Regional Trial Courts in Ilagan and Cabagan. This is also the same picture in other jails.

What makes the drub menace a thriving underground activity? Philippines is now considered as one of the docking points or entry points of drug contrabands. Philippine archipelagic nature is a factor. The police and naval patrols cannot fully cover the 7,100 islands. Their limited number is also doubly weakened by various forms of corruption and bribery. Drug lords are awashed with money and do everything to bring in their products in cahoots with the police authorities.

The drug problem is considered a multi-billion dollar industry and it has grown into a self-regulated economy all on its own. It is now wrecking havoc to legitimate economy of the country and elsewhere.

 Poverty also drives people to peddle dangerous drugs to earn a living. That’s why drugs are so common in squatters where poverty line and they would do everything to live.
The advent of free trade or liberation also contributed in the influx of raw materials for Shabu production. They can enter the ports or customs quite liberally and without tariffs or reduced tariffs. Latest news reports reveal that the Chinese nationals are involved in the entry of raw materials.

The drug menace does not only undermine economy. It has destroys the moral fabric of Philippine society. It attacks the families, the youth, the poor and ever the upright. It affects all ages-young and old. It transcends gender-male and female.

Dangerous drugs seem to be everywhere and authorities have to double efforts to check them. If every offender is apprehended, these are the likely outcome of acquittal as the method or manner of apprehension are usually violations of well-settled doctrines that protest individuals rights and liberties. Simply put, they were not properly apprehended. This, police authorities must well study and rectify their errors to ensure conviction.

The judiciary and justice department are also not spared of the drub menace. Drug lords could afford to dispense their millions to overturn convictions, quack changes or bribe investigators. A former President once accused in robes- from the trial courts up to the appellate or ever the Supreme Court.

Drug lords also support politicians to secure protection from the law. In this way, they could maintain their illegal activities and spread their network and market.

Philippine government must be firm and make a decision stance. But the government cannot do this alone. The problem of drugs needs to involve the cooperation of the community, the church and the media. The prosecutors and judges, the police and POEA.

Police information about the ill-effects must not only in schools but in the barangays as well. Rehabilitation centers must be affordable to make time accessible. And most importantly, livelihood programs must be accorded to the needy and make them productive.

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