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Monday, May 06, 2024

City of Ilagan Hymn

Lyrics by Nilo Agustin
Music by Ato del Rosario
Vocalist: Samuel Acosta

Hail! Our beloved homeland
The City of Ilagan
Bestowed with the bounty of the rivers and the streams
Shielded by the mountains of Sierra Madre

You are the heart of our noble farmers
The abode of our culture and traditions
The home of loving and gentle people
That lives proudly with dignity

You will always be our peaceful home
The cradle of Ilagueño’s home
You shall blossom, flourish for our vision
As the Liveable City of Ilagan

God bless the City of Ilagan
The cherished legacy of our forefathers
Our home, our land, our beloved homeland
The Liveable City of Ilagan!

The "City of Ilagan Hymn" is a poignant musical homage crafted for the esteemed Ilagueño populace and their dynamic urban center. Infused with verses that echo the storied past and vibrant traditions of Ilagan, this hymn encapsulates the profound pride and communal ethos that characterize the city. Through its stirring lyrics and melodies, it exalts the splendor of Ilagan, its breathtaking landscapes, and the genuine warmth of its inhabitants. Serving as a unifying anthem, it fosters a profound sense of unity and belonging among Ilagueños while nurturing a deep respect for the city's rich heritage and enduring legacy.

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