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Tuesday, March 12, 2002

The Old Path – I shall walk in it for it is where my soul found rest

During my childhood, I was introduced to my parents' religion, Catholicism, which is prevalent among Filipinos. However, my parents were not active members of the Catholic church, allowing me to explore other religious paths. Thus, during my youth, I became actively involved in the Casilagan Pentecostal Church in our town. I participated in various church activities, including group gatherings and youth camps, eventually taking on the role of a Sunday morning teacher for children.

As I entered my senior year of high school, I began to question my faith and sought answers to my spiritual inquiries. I turned to various sources, including radio sermons by different pastors. It was through this search that I discovered the teachings of Bro. Eli Soriano, aired on DZCV Tuguegarao, in the year 2000. Bro. Eli's profound understanding of the Bible resonated with me, leading me to reevaluate my beliefs and ultimately renounce my previous religion due to its erroneous doctrines.

In October 2001, I sought out a local chapter of the Members Church of God International (MCGI) and met Bro. Danny Manuel in Naguilian, Isabela, who introduced me to church worker Bro. Nick Janqui. My journey of faith continued as I attended Bible studies, delving into topics such as the use of the Bible in attaining salvation. In early 2002, I underwent indoctrination services and was baptized on March 12 of the same year by Bro. Sonny Catan, alongside 20 others, marking a significant milestone in my spiritual journey.

Now, I am committed to serving the true God that I have come to know through the teachings of Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon. In the Members Church of God International, I have found a community that emphasizes the importance of faith and good works, as well as fervent prayers for the propagation of the Word of God. With their guidance and the grace of God, I am steadfastly walking on the old path described in Jeremiah 6:16, where my soul finds true rest and fulfillment.

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