Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sulong Ilagan March

Composed by Ingino Rapadas

Sulong Na, Sulong Pa, Sige, Abante, Ilagan!
Sulong Na, Sulong Pa, Sige, Abante, Ilagan!
Kilos Na, Kilos Pa, Magguyu Paga Ittam!
Iyoddu Tam, Iyoddu Tam I Dayaw Na Ilagan!

Aru Ngana I Kingngua Tam
Sulong, Sulong, Sulong Pa!
Aru Paga I Kuat-Tam
Sige Abante, Ilagan!

Arayyu Ngana I Nadde Tam
Sulong, Sulong, Sulong Pa!
Arayyu Paga I Angayat-Tam
Sige Abante, Ilagan!

Attannang Ngana I Nagawa Tam
Sulong, Sulong, Sulong Pa!
Ettam Paga Nga Atannangan
Sige, Abante, Ilagan!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Bahay Kubo and Cariñosa

In the Philippines, bahay kubo is the national house and it is also considered one of the folk song of the country. So the reason why bahay kubo did not became the national folk dance probably because it was considered as Awiting Bayan rather than a dance.

Instead of Bahay Kubo, Cariñosa became officially the national folk dance of the Philippines. It rooted from one of the colonizers, the Spain. One of the legacy of Spain is most probably the Cariñosa dance. Like a baby, there is always something good trait it can inherit from its mother.

So let's embrace it rather than accused it or change. Changes will always incur costs specially in our very own identifies. Like changing the national language from Tagalog to Cebuano or something else will require huge amount. It will displace also the Talagog or Filipino subject teachers as well, and will eventually need trainings for new Cebuano teachers if this will happen in the future.

What changes should be expected rather?

The year that was 2014

A very good year for everyone specially in the northern part of the Philippines. No strong typhoons hit here specially my home city of Ilagan. A lot of good reasons for the year that was 2014 for me to survive and get a life this 2015.

So as long as I can update my very own blog, I will do it with God's help. My 2015 theme is "Let's Get Connected!" Be human guys.