Dec 15, 2018

Why I don't followback: Instagram 101

For those who are asking why I don't follow back to my followers, then this post will discuss my answers. I will let you know the reasons behind as well.

First, followers count doesn't matter to me. It's just a number that goes up and down. People come and go so followers do. In the world of social media, nothing is permanent.

Second, I want my following personalities to be highlighted, always! My loyalty belongs to them. I only follow two persons including Twitter. On my Facebook account, there are only two pages that I clicked the like button--Bro. Eli Soriano and kuya Daniel Razon.

Next, one reason why I don't follow back is because I don't compare myself to them. I don't want also to fish compliments on my account.

Lastly, to cancel out the noise. By not viewing other's posts and stories. Because not everyone matters to me.

I want my inspirations, aspirations and creativities be directed to what Bro. Eli and kuya Daniel are currently doing. Nothing more, nothing less. Well, if you could follow this brilliant style, then start unfollowing.

Nov 6, 2018

Suggestions for improvement to my fellow Filipinos

Believe it or not, we, Filipinos witness how serious President Duterte in his campaign for change. Even the World Bank declared our country, the Philippines as one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Therefore, we are no longer a third-world country. Such label remains to some of us, Filipinos who are still stupid, therefore, I am writing this blog to tell some suggestions:

  1. Stop this constant defense to anything such as "ganito talaga dito". That's very unacceptable.
  2. Being professional has nothing to do with your race, skin color, wealth, religion, health, work and age.
  3. Never be late! Most of us are coming late like 30 minutes without even notifying other people. That's very rude. Remember that time is gold.
  4. Be capable of answering "yes" or "no". Most of us answer "maybe". It's either you can or cannot. To decide is not hard.
  5. Be good in keeping commitments. Read the number three (3) above. We agreed to have meeting at 4pm on October 18. It was already 5pm and still waiting. I sent text, no reply. I called, no answer.
  6. Always be specific. If you are sending a report to via email and your boss asked you what time, be specific regarding what time are you sending an email. (What time in the afternoon? Baka mga 3 or 4 pm. What time 3 or 4 pm? 4pm.). No need to go through back and forth!
  7. Reply or confirm via chat, email, text messages, etc. I tried to send email, text messages to people I know personally, I got no replies at all. Listen, if you don't have access to Internet, it's not a problem. But, we are the Social Media capital of the world. We have the most number of Facebook users in the world, 67 millions! Start replying!
If we are dreaming to be one of the developed countries, our professional values, ways of doing business, interactions must be equally developed, too. We are a very rich country but stupid poor.

Hate me or not, I don't care.

Oct 18, 2018


Today, I turn thirty-five years old of existence since birth. At one hand, it is an age that I cannot believe I have already reached. Few years ago, 35 was just light years away. Still the feeling of being young incredibly lives on. Being on adulthood, with privileges and benefits, feel like still fresh!

As I reflect, I remember the day when I heard the Christian doctrine being broadcast over local radio station in Tuguegarao City. It was Ang Dating Daan, I heard the voice of Bro. Eli Soriano who preaches the truth in the Bible. That was year 2000 when I was in fourth year high school. Eventually I was baptized in March 12, 2002.

Ten years ago, I was closer to 30s, now I'm getting close to 40s which seem a lot of blessings from God. It's a blessing because I still exist under His mercy and guidance. I can confidently say that it is one of the best years of life, if not the best. Here are a few highlights and things I have learned.

Now that I am 35, I have decided to stay where I should be.

Living in Manila

I have been living here in Metro Manila since July, 2015. My first job was a field researcher for more than a year until December 2016. Thanks for EB Research Service Corporation for the chance to visit places in Luzon islands from Cagayan province down to Iriga City.

Then the year 2017 pave the way for my career in BPO, my first company was West Contact Services, Inc. which is headquartered in Maka City for almost six months. I had the chance to meet the 24 fellow call center agent, figuratively call center virgins because most of use were first timers working in a call center company.

My current company, which I cannot disclose for now, is located in Ortigas Center, Pasig City as my second job as a call center agent. And I am earning five-digits salary. I was able to get a housing loan with the help of God through this company.

Future Goals

With my futures goals are to finish my studies in mass communication someday, and to get a master's degree in library science. Hoping to land a job at a famous government library someday in the Philippines or elsewhere. With God's help and permission.