Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Officially Six Sixma Yellow Belt Professional

I finally managed to get this certifcation online and I feel accomplished for being certified for six sigma yellow belt.

Looking forward to green belt in the future. Level up.

Monday, October 19, 2020

I am 37

I am now officially 37 years old in this planet Earth. Last March 12th, I also officially turned 18 years old in the Church of God in the Bible. Since today is my 37th birthday, I will try to turn off my phone for 24 hours and check tomorrow's notification regarding any birthday greetings / messages and others.

Early this year on my Facebook page, I setup a birthday invitation already so I could get as many greetings as possible. So I will be expecting some friends for their greetings but I never require to come and celebrate my birthday.

My achievements so far are to keep studying my Psychology Diploma and finish it as soon as possible. Continue to keep a healthy lifestyle and be financially-ready for any possible out of the country travel again! 👍

Monday, June 15, 2020

My HKT work experience

It has been more than six months since I left HKT Teleservices Philippines. Here's my own story. I was employed by HKT Teleservices Philippines Inc. from December 4, 2017 until November 30, 2019. The experience was great and that I gained a lot of knowledge about being a call center agent, being a technical support and being a quality assurance analyst.

Lunch break with some of the team members.

During my training days for VIPKID account, I was able to meet new faces and made friends with few and another few people to keep until today. I don't want to name them here as long as I keep them as my friends on my Facebook account or as long as they keep me on their friend's list as well. Soon enough during production days, I was able to meet new friends, new people and of course one of the happiest moments is that some made me their enemy.

There were ups and downs of course as there is no perfect company but everything must be managed well. I am not a perfect employee as well. I was able to become a regular employee by July 2018. I also moved from one line to another line of business and finally I applied for QA post and I was considered by my supervisors Mau Bernardo and Richard Isleta, these are one of the intelligent persons I met in the BPO industry as they keep me think of quality.

(Left-Right) Me, Cass, Nate and Joseph

(Left-Right) Me, Joseph, Daddy Bu and Nate

(Left-Right) Me, Cass, Harold, Cass

(Left-Right) Me, Mafel, Cass

During my QA days, I meet friends and enemies anywhere where in the online and offline world. That's the fun part of it for me and for them (enemies) that's their worst nightmare (just kidding). I made more friends than enemies in the end.

Me and Daddy Bu for the QA team party in Pasig City last June 2019. .

One of the painful moments is when all of us lost a colleague last July 1, 2019. Others resigned for the better. That's part of our life process and we can't control people to stay with a company. So cherish the moments that you're still with the people that matters, have as much photos as you have, celebrate life together and keep the friendship for the rest of our lives.

Wave 2 and our trainer Francis Posadas and team leaders Clarissa Felix and Mark Delaganar..

Team meeting with fellow QAs with our supervisor Rhoneil Arellano.

So I eventually left the company last November 30, 2019 due to some reasons. That reason includes salary and I have to leave to go up for my bilingual career for the better. That's a good motivation for me to keep up with the BPO industry as a bilingual agent now.

If you're still working with HKT Teleservices, be proud. If you're planning to leave then leave with grace, stand out and be more proud!

Friday, June 12, 2020

122nd Philippine Independence Day

Greetings to all fellow Filipinos for our 122nd Philippine Independence Day! But let's not forget the legacy of our colonizers: the English and Spanish languages.

Happy Independence Day Philippines!

Monday, June 01, 2020

Being in a fruit diet

This June 2020, I was able to start a new diet - fruitarian diet. I eat fruits and much more fruits one at a time as I am to keep my immune system more strong and healthy to fight diseases. And in the long run, I feel better and feel healthy most of the time. I feel less pain in my foot as I am always being attacked by inflammation.

Being on this diet, I started to learn to take care of my self in terms of hygiene, social distancing and the unending adjustment of wearing face mask. What matters to me is to keep the immune system strong enough to able to overcome diseases.

A photo grabbed from Google image search

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Going back to Pasig City

After President Duterte have declared that the entire Metro Manila will be under modified ECQ on May 16th, our company needs also to cut down costs by ending the contract for our accommodation. So it's now time to go back to the City of Pasig, the green city.

A selfie inside the accommodation room.

To my present company, thanks for the two-month free accommodation with AC and stable Internet connection including the shuttle service going from and to work.

A self on the 12th floor of the building

A street photo along Banaag street in Pineda, Pasig City

I was able to return to the city safe through the company's shuttle service. Finally, I meet the same people at home again and able to adjust from two months for AC-powered room to just a fan-powered bed space. Anyway, I am flexible as much as I can at whatever situations I must be in.

Friday, April 24, 2020

Signing up for Psycology Diploma

Today, I just signup to a Psychology Diploma via online. I was able to take advantage of the price dropped by the online education provider from the United Kingdom. Hoping that I can finish the course as soon as possible so I can have my certification as well as part of my educational attainment and for CPD points.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

My lockdown diary

When President Duterte started some measures to protect the country against COVID-19, I am one of the Filipinos who are affected by that measures. The Philippine government imposed a lock down (enhanced community quarantine or ECQ) in Metro Manila and Luzon including some provinces in Visayas and Mindanao to contain the virus, I was lucky that the government still care for its citizens.

My company started to make some measures, too to keep the business continue and I am a lucky employee to stay for two months free under its accommodation from March 18, 2020 to May 16, 2020. This includes free food and shuttle services going from and to work.

While waiting for the shuttle service

A packed lunch in my accommodation

A bible study through YouTube

I still able to attend church services like Prayer Meeting, Worship Services and Thanksgiving via YouTube and Zoom app. The place I stay comes with stable Internet connection so there should be no problem for me to attend services like that. I am also able to access TV channels via CignalPlay app including series and shows on Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Go and Amazon Prime Video.

I was also able to keep myself busy with studying online. I will try also to signup my online course for Psychology Diploma and hoping will finish the subject within this year.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Team outing with new colleagues

It has been over two months since I resigned from my job as QA in a company located in Pasig. People change jobs as they see fit to move to another company for some reason: greener pasture and hopefully a better place to work for.

So I joined a another BPO company located in Taguig City. It is for a pioneering account that provide support to a streaming service which was launched in the United States. I am hopefull that it will launch in the Philippines by June 2020 or earlier.

The date February 17th came and we have our team outing for the first time in Calatagan, Batangas. Around 4-5 travel time from Taguig City. This should solidify the team members by knowing each other, group games, swimming, team lunch, etc. Everyone of us is happy of course. A special mention to Ace, our teammate who was not able to attend due to some reason.

Moving forward to another team outing again. The last time I visit the sea was around April 2016 when I was working for a company under market research industry. That was in Nasugbu, Batangas.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Keep from the ashes

Photos not mine but from workmates. Keep safe everyone who is affected for the explosion of Taal Volcano. You may try to visit the link here to learn more the benefits of Volcanic eruption and its ashes.