Weather in Ilagan City, Isabela, Philippines

Monday, October 18, 2021

It's 38 years since...

First of all, thanks be to God for reaching this 38th years of life on Earth. With the instrumentality of my loving parents, I was born in Ilagan, Isabela. It is now a city that's around 400 kilometers north of capital city of Manila. I am really grateful to reach this age and with God's permission, more years to come and go.

Second, I wish to earn more money because that's the only thing that I don't have much. I could help family members and the community I belong to more than the usual I can. This is in support of realizing our dreams and inspiration. I can also realize my personal dream of having my own house in Baras, Rizal as it now is being constructed that I got from pre-selling since year 2019.

Third, I always wanted to continue and finish my degree in Mass Communication while working in call center. God-willing, by age 40, I am already a degree holder or later than that. I want to be part of the mainstream media industry someday here in the Philippines.

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