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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Why I came to believe Bro. Eli?

For the first time I hear Bro. Eli, is something memorable. I remember the time when I was searching for religious programs like the El Shaddai, a charismatic group of Mr. Mike Velarde and also the Iglesia Ni Cristo, a religious gourp of Mr. EraƱo Malano founded by his very own father.

To my surprise, I found Bro. Eli on that seven evening of some May 2000. I like the program. With biblical citations which verses being read I am very ignorant. Even those verses that I didnt hear to any pastors on that time even when I was in my former religion.

Listening to Bro. Eli has became my habit. I even took recording his program Ang Dating Daan for my benefit. To play it again and again and again. I begin telling Ang Dating Daan to my coursins and I invited them to hear also. And I found out that one of them was angry about it. That was my surprise, that not all those who hear Bro. Eli like him and his program also. Just like what happened to Jesus Christ that not all the Jews like him. But he was telling the truth.

I was even told to stop hearing Bro. Eli Soriano. It was advised by my false pastor in my former religion. I didnt take it. I believe that it is my right to know and to search who is telling the truth. Even with my mother told me to stop it. But I dont believe anyone of them.

Several months of listening, I feel something inside me... something interesting... that is to read the bible and studying. I have known the God that I didnt know in the past. Through the efforts of Bro. Eli Soriano from the the program Ang Dating Daan by propagating the gospel of Jesus Christ from scriptures.

Later 2001, it came to my attention to be a member of this church which the bible tells human to abide. The Church of God in the Christ Jesus, in I Timothy 3:15 on that verse.

I believe Bro. Eli Soriano because he is telling the truth. Not only me but to the people who listens to him. I came to believe because I hear him for two years. And two years was enough for me to prove that he is telling the truth. If ever I am Bro. Eli, I will do these things also. I will tell also the truth that is in the bible. I will tell the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I came to believe Bro. Eli because of the gospel of Christ.

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