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Monday, November 06, 2023

Let's get back to sound body and health

On August 17, 2023, it came to my mind to buy a bottle of apple cider vinegar at the Uptown Mall in BGC Taguig City. It's time and again to go back to my old habits of drinking this awesome drink. To maintain one's body and mind in a healthy state is a must for everyone.

As I googled some of the benefits of drinking this bottle, let me share you as follows:
  • it helps to loss weight
  • it reduces cholesterol
  • lowers blood sugar levels
  • if you're diabetic as it may lessens the symptoms (not be considered as an alternative)
I need to loss weight and I constantly making sure that I don't go above 1300 calories per day. Right now, my weight is 90 kilograms. Upon checking my body mass index (BMI), I should stay and maintain 70 kilograms. So this drink will help to loss excess weight. Of course, regular exercise is a must while doing drinking this daily.

For more information, you may read this article on Six Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar, Backed by Science.

I suggest you to buy a bottle or two of the unpasteurized version of Bragg's Apple Cider Vinergar with the monther label. This is not an advertisement.

Make sure to drink it in small amounts only. Large amount of consuming this drink is possibly unsafe. Avoid applying it on your skin as it can cause chemical burns. If your potassium level is low, drinking apple cider may even lower it so take extra precautions. For more details, read more about
Apple Cider Vinegar.

Monday, August 07, 2023

Downfall of Tagalog language in the Philippines

In June 2023, this Facebook page posted about Tagalog language. It is being the third most widely spoken language in three states in the USA. I posted comments about it on Facebook comment section similar to the screenshot below.

After few hours, out of nowhere, this person who claims intelligent lambasted my comment saying I am fool and being foolish. His name is Balon Hpesram, appears to be a kakampink. We exchanged comments until the latter resorted to maligning my person, calling me names. Which is abviously one of the toxic attitudes of being a Filipino. But some Filipinos remain professional when interacting online. Freedom of expression is a fundamental right and people should learn how to respect and be so civil when disagreeing comments in social media.

On the other hand, Tagalog is bound to fall sooner or later. Why? Filipino including Panitkan subjects are no longer mandatory in colleges and universities in the Philippines. Hence, it is no longer required. After all, K to 12 education should be enough to equip students in their future careers! Another thing is teaching maters are not enough to continue teaching Filipino and Panitikan subjects.

Friday, October 07, 2022

How to be a loyalty specialist?

This month, I am able to land a job as a customer support for a Canadian telecommunications company. After weeks of training, the management decided to onboard us as one of the loyalty specialists in the campaign. The company is one of the BPO companies in Bonifacio Global City, still in Taguig City.

A screenshot after searching my name on Google where I am connected to TELUS International Philippines as a customer loyalty specialist.

Me and my fellow workmates were able to get the position as the fourth batch of loyalty team members that provide services to keep customers.

My employee ID as one of the loyalty specialists.

It is so exciting to learn the skills on how to keep customers, provide loyalty programs and extend help to make sure clients enjoy the products and services they love for so long a time.

If you guys are planning to be one of the loyalty specialists, here are my tips that I can impart:

  1. Get educated: Pursue a degree or certification in marketing, customer service, or a related field.
  2. Gain experience: Get relevant experience by working in customer service or marketing.
  3. Build your network: Connect with other loyalty agents and industry professionals through networking events, online forums, and social media.
  4. Familiarize yourself with loyalty programs: Research and learn about different loyalty programs, including how they work, their benefits, and how to evaluate their success.
  5. Develop strong communication skills: A loyalty agent must have excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, to be able to effectively interact with customers and clients.
  6. Be knowledgeable about the industry: Stay updated with the latest trends and developments in the customer loyalty and marketing industries.
  7. Be customer-focused: A loyalty agent must be dedicated to providing excellent customer service and have a genuine desire to help customers.
  8. Develop a deep understanding of customer behavior: Analyze customer data to identify patterns and make informed decisions about how to improve customer experiences and increase loyalty.
Let me know in the comments if you've been working in the call center sector in the Philippines and how would you like to be part of customer loyalty.

Sunday, December 05, 2021

History of Gamu, Isabela

The town of Gamu was established on Decmeber 5, 1741. The name "Gamu" or "gamu-t" in old texts refers to the roots of tall grasses like cogon, deeply embedded in the soil. Originally part of Cagayan Valley, Gamu became part of Nueva Vizcaya in 1856 and later joined Isabela in 1859.

San Gabriel de Batauag, the first mission, was established in 1612 by Dominican missionaries. After initial conflicts, the mission was restored in 1673, leading to the emergence of Cabagan, Itugod, and Santa Rosa de Gamu-t.

Financial constraints led Santa Rosa de Gamu-t and Our Lady of Victories of Itugod to merge in 1741, with Gamu as the central settlement. Under Dominican care until 1922, Gamu later saw leadership shifts, including Filipino priests and La Salette missionaries from 1962 to 1977.

An earthquake in December 1949 damaged the church and convent, resulting in the construction of a wooden church in 1950-1951 near the Spanish Church ruins.

Friday, June 12, 2020

122nd Philippine independence day

Greetings to all fellow Filipinos as we commemorate the 122nd Philippine Independence Day! Today, we celebrate the courage and resilience of our ancestors who fought for freedom and sovereignty against colonial rule. It is a time to honor their sacrifices and reflect on the progress we have made as a nation. As we raise our flags and sing our national anthem, let us remember the significance of this day in shaping our identity and collective history.

However, as we commemorate our independence, it is also important to acknowledge the legacy left behind by our colonizers: the English and Spanish languages. Despite the challenges and injustices of colonial rule, the English and Spanish languages have become integral parts of our cultural heritage and national identity. They have enriched our language and facilitated communication, trade, and cultural exchange with the global community.

As we celebrate our independence, let us embrace our multilingual heritage and recognize the diversity of languages that make up the Filipino identity. Let us continue to promote linguistic diversity and appreciation for our native languages, while also acknowledging the importance of English and Spanish in our interconnected world. May this Independence Day serve as a reminder of our shared history, cultural resilience, and commitment to building a brighter future for generations to come. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Happy Independence Day Philippines!

Monday, June 01, 2020

Being in a fruit diet

This June 2020, I was able to start a new diet - fruitarian diet. I eat fruits and much more fruits one at a time as I am to keep my immune system more strong and healthy to fight diseases. And in the long run, I feel better and feel healthy most of the time. I feel less pain in my foot as I am always being attacked by inflammation.

Being on this diet, I started to learn to take care of my self in terms of hygiene, social distancing and the unending adjustment of wearing face mask. What matters to me is to keep the immune system strong enough to able to overcome diseases.

A photo grabbed from Google image search

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

What's in Federalism for Filipinos?

With Duterte administration's effort to bring in developments in the countryside, Federalism is one of the answer that will end poverty. Here are the benefits once the Philippines become a Federal government:

  1. Local government can decide for themselves. Hence, regions or states are no long rely on Metro Manila to solve problems, address concerns, make improvements a lot more. So no more blaming the national government if projects were not finish on time.
  2. More power on resources. Regions/States resources will strictly for the development of the regions/states. No longer needed the go signal of the national government.
  3.  Independence. Regions/states will no longer dependent on Metro Manila hence, residents will no longer stay in the capital to find jobs. Economic conditions will improve, too.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Dear anti-Duterte group

Noong namatay ang ilang HongKong nationals sa hostage crisis, at galit na galit ang Hong Kong government sa atin, pinaparesign ba si Purisima? Noong sumikat sa kahihiyan ang Pilipinas dahil sa laglag bala, pinaparesign niyo ba ang MIA chief? Noong nabulok ang mga gamot at bigas para sa Yolanda victims dahil hindi pinamigay, pinaparesign ba ninyo ang Secretary ng DSWD? Never, wala kayong ginawa!

Singil ng singil si Henares sa tax ng maliliit tapos iyon pala hindi niya sinisingil si Lucio Tan at ang PAL na ngayon ay ginawa ni Duterte, nalinlang pala kayo ng amo niyong si PNoy? Ano yung ginawa nila sa Lumad? Mga patayan sa Hacienda Luisita during PNoy's term, pinagresign niyo ba sya?

Noong pumalpak ang forecast at management ni Mar Roxas sa Yolanda, pinaparesign ba siya? Noong ginamit nila ang world donations ng Yolanda sa sarili nilang interest at naubos na raw, ni walang pinakitang liquidation report, pinagresign nyo ba si PNoy? Ni hindi nga natupad magpasagasa sa tren dahil hindi niya nagawa ang MRT sa Cavite? Hindi niyo pa rin pinagresign?
Noong magkasira-sira kada araw ang mga tren, pinaparesign niyo ba si Abaya?
Noog mag-leak ang personal info niyo sa COMELEC, pinaresign niyo ba si Andy Bautista?

Noong nadisgrasya ang SAF 44 dahil sa desisyon nila ni Purisima, pinagresign niyo ba si PNoy? Noong nabubuwisit na ang mga Pilipino sa kapalpakan ni PNoy, pinaparesign nyo ba amo niyo? Alam niyo ba kung sino lang pinaresign niyo? Bukod tanging si Chief Justice Renato Corona dahil pumanig siya sa mga pobreng magsasaka noong nagdesisyon siya sa kaso ng Hacienda Luicita. Ang kakapal ng mga pagmumukha niyo talaga? Resign DU30 kuno, eh yung mga sabwat sa krimen sa panahon ni PNoy, bakit tameme kayo? Kasi para kumbinsihin sarili niyo na karapatdapat sya sa pagkapangulo dahil nagpakatanga kayo noon sa EDSA 1, pinanindigan niyo pa ang katangahan ninyo na binoto niyo ang incompetent na taong ito na kayang kaya niyong utuin na namatay yung nanay niyang tinawag nyong Santo? Ang galing niyo rin ano, pero sablay.

Huwag na kayo ng mangdamay ng kamalasan. Mahiya kayo uy! Ang dilawan ay puro sangkot sa mga kabulastugan at mga korapsiyon, tahimik lang kayong mga taga Ombudsman. Yung mga walang kasalanan at hadlang sa mga dilawan iyon naman ang ginagawan niyo ng mga ppropaganda pra mapagtakpan ang ka-walang hiyaan ng mga dilawan

Sabik na ako sa pagbabago ng ating mahal na bansang Pilipinas.

Thursday, February 08, 2018

Federalism – A threat against self-preservation for the anti-Dutertards

As the administration accelerates the pace of charter change initiative en-route to Federalism, several groups opposed to it have started to mushroom everywhere and made their negative positions known at this early. Among those on the other side of the fence are the framers of the 1987 Constitution, e.g. Christian Monsod and ex CJ of the Supreme Court Hilario Davide who proudly claimed that the present constitution is "the best in the world" despite its imperfections. And he warned the people that Federalism is anti-poor because of 2 taxations and that the shift to such form of government is a 'lethal experiment, fatal leap, plunge to death and leap to hell' without providing any sound argument that would support such a sweeping and hasty generalization.

With due respect to the esteemed former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, I find his assertion as a grave insult to the intelligence of the Filipino people for being bereft of any iota of logic, common sense and intelligence. Simply put, it is idiotic, to say the least. He should be reminded that under the 1987 Constitution, the Filipino people have already been "tortured" (to borrow his own word), by various taxes imposed both by the National and local governments and the same constitution allows these taxes to be siphoned off to the Central government controlled by the elite politicians at the expense of the local folks who get in return a measly token share of the resources (after much begging from the national government) hardly enough to help develop themselves as local governments. Under the Federal form of government, this system will be reversed as the huge chunk of these taxes will now go to the federal states to fund their own development sans any dictate from the central government which is the real essence of regional autonomy that promotes country-wide development for which the present constitution has long denied under the unitary system of government. 

After 31 years of embracing it, the current constitution has miserably failed to mitigate our problems of mass poverty, graft and corruption, unemployment, social inequality, injustices, rebellion, and the destruction of our environment and other ills of the society. On the contrary, it helps contribute to increasing the gap between the rich and the poor in our country and the cementing of the oligarch's control of the country's wealth via their cabal of corrupt politicians conniving with them in cornering all major businesses including the coffers of our government. Calling this constitution as the "best in the world" therefore, smacks of hypocrisy, ignorance of the brazen realities around and a grave lie being peddled to protect the oligarch's interest in perpetuating their control on our country's well-being and suck its blood dry. With all the shitholes we are in right now as a country being stuck in an oligarch-controlled unitary form of governance,  Davide and his minions should be slapped with the fact that this constitution is anti-poor, to say the least. At best, adopting it was a 'lethal experiment, fatal leap, a plunge to death and leap to hell' which the current generation of this country wants to be emancipated from.

Shifting to federal form of government is one of the election campaign promises of Duterte which catapulted him to the Presidency. With the people's continued support to his administration based on recent surveys, its realization is therefore inevitable. Doing otherwise will be a grave betrayal on the mandate reposed by the people on his shoulder. Thus, anti Dutertards should realize that it is not Duterte who wants Federalism. It is the overwhelming majority of the Filipino people who are sick and tired of being relegated as victims of the systemic problems of the current form of government.

Duterte has religiously followed every procedure set forth in the constitution and even walked an extra mile to ensure that the sentiments of the people including the opposition are faithfully considered in drafting the new charter. Instead of rushing it by using his immense control over both houses of congress and the people's backing, he created a consultative body composed of constitutional experts whose credibility are beyond reproach to study and recommend what provisions of the 1987 constitution should be amended to shift to the federal form of government which Congress may consider. Such an act defies any allegation of railroading and a black propaganda that Digong is bent on perpetuating himself in power under a federal set up of government. But why are the reds marching against charter change? Why are the political elites, the oligarchs, the religious, the activists and the opposition are against charter change? Why are the anti Dutertards for that matter against federalism?

While the kind and system of federal set up of government to be adopted is still being discussed, any campaign launched against it at this early is therefore considered premature, black propaganda and pure idiotic political grandstanding which stands on hollow ground. But the fear of the antagonists of federalism has basis in fact because federalism will soon bring to an end of their malevolent scheme in placing this country in stagnation for the last more than 3 decades or so.

Federalism is anti-oligarchs. It seeks to destroy the backbone of the oligarch's manipulative control and greed over our country's governance in protecting their business interests. In the current unitary system, there are laws passed at the behest of the rich elites of the country who control roughly 80 percent of the country's wealth including those at the regions. They also fund the campaign kitties of those who want to run as President and legislators to ensure the protection of their interests. Duterte shun the practice during the last elections by declining offers of financial support from the Imperial Manila businessmen. Under the federal set up, these ills and malpractices will finally be put to end as the rules of the games will be changed. The federal states are empowered to determine their own investment and business policies including taxes to be imposed and therefore the oligarchs will be constrained to deal directly with the states government in competition with local businessmen and foreigners under an even playing field where the usual corrupt practices of favoring Manila businessmen in exchange of bribe money will become a thing of the past. This would mean more funds for the federal states, local businessmen will sprout and foreign investments will be poured in finally at the federal state level which would cause massive employment for the local folks and eventually help alleviate poverty in the country sides. How can one call it anti poor, then?

Federalism is anti-Political Elites. It seeks to liberate the local folks from the control and influence of elite politicians of the imperial Manila who have been dominating the country's seat of power for several decades at the expense of local politicians and countrywide development. In order for the latter to get projects, they have to befriend politicians from the central government, begging for their support for funds. And when these political elites go to the regions, they are treated like gods by the local folks who usually bow to their wishes sometimes under duress. In the federal set up of government, the political elites from the Central government will have no more influence over the state governments as the latter will have their own power of the purse and are absolutely free in implementing their own programs and projects funded by the own state government's resources.

Federalism is anti-Imperial Manila. It liberates the regional government agencies from the control of central agencies which are all located in Metro Manila. Local government folks usually migrate to Metro manila for jockeying of job promotions and positions and where great employment promises abound. Under the federal set up of government, central agencies of which have direct impact to state government will cease to have control over state departments which will be created by the state folks themselves, funded by their own resources and run them according to their own state laws sans any dictate and influence from the central government. Central offices in Metro Manila will soon become ghost buildings as migrants will now go back to their own states for better employment, thereby decongesting Manila and eventually kills the stigma of "imperialism" it has been undesirably known for in the eyes of state folks.

Federalism is anti-traditional activism. It diminishes, if not wipe out, the role of the traditional activists in fighting against government on national issues. Under a federal set up of governance, most national issues will be regionalized as each state can make its own position independent from one another and even from the central government. Such a scenario will eventually lead to the demise of the traditional activism in this country which explains Joma's opposition to such move.

Folks, the foregoing are just few among the many consequences of federalism to the lives of the Anti Dutertards. While trying to camouflage their arguments on pure sugar quoted rhetoric signifying nothing, the crux of their fear is that federalism threatens their existence and would therefore work tooth and nail to block it for the sake of their self-preservation and aggrandizement. But the tide is turning against the interest of the anti Dutertards and their reluctance to come out expressing their opposition in the open signals the capitulation of their own lost cause – an admission that Federalism is indeed inevitable.

But what is preposterously disturbing here is the fact that when Joma Sison calls for the youth to launch mass mobilization against Duterte and the charter change initiatives, a few students from UP and other legal youth fronts of the CPP/NPA/NDF have responded immediately. Their idiocy however is evident on the placards they carry which erroneously painted Digong as pro US, fascist and they cannot even articulate their grounds for opposing charter change other than the usual idiotic propaganda slogans which people no longer buy these days.  In the ultimate analysis, the Duterte Administration is the one fighting for real change by destroying the status quo and other societal ills brought about by the current problematic form of governance. The traditional street activists however are resisting such struggle for reform by trying to block its realization through charter change. History will then judge that the real activists here is Duterte himself and those who support him while those who march against charter change are the ones who want to keep the status quo for their own self vested interest and preservation. 

In this digital age, street activism is no longer relevant. Real activism has shifted in the social media. It is one's ability to write, criticize government, support its move for change, argue and generate support as you seek societal reform. Mass mobilizations these days are now a thing of the past. It is left for those who cannot write and garner support by making and presenting sound arguments to prove their point. Street activists are just like brainless political zombies who find solace and gratification licking the wounds of the past, thus trying to pull this country back to the era of Marcos dictatorship so they can find relevance to their idiotic existence. People look at them with disdain as they are considered vandals of the society who have not done anything at all to move this country forward other than consistently pulling it down. Theirs is blind submission to ideological dogmatism as propagated by their idiotic god in Utrecht who continue to tickle their balls remotely from afar to keep them afloat like brainless street trolls moving according to the wishes of Joma Sison. And they are proud calling themselves "activists".  – Sanamagan! 

When federalism is set in place, these morons will finally find themselves flushed out in the dustbin of our country's political history where they can continue to tickle and lick their own balls in total seclusion. It's a different world which former Sol Gen Hilbay imagined for all anti Dutertards to live in which they deserve... a world where political orgyism is the name of the game. – Jun Avelino

Friday, August 18, 2017

Pahamak na bibig

By Ellaine Francisco-See

Hindi sa lahat ng oras ang biro ay biro
Sa taong may pinagdadaanan
Ito pa ay isang insulto
May panahong bibig ay dapat itikom
Upang sa kahit maliit na paraan
May mga sugat kang matutulungang maghilom

Ang mababaw na salita mo
Sa iba'y may kurot at sakit
Hindi nakakatuwa kundi nakakapanliit
Panghahamak sa kapwa
Ni hindi mo man dapat masambit
Pagkat ang iyong panlalait at pagmamaliit
Nagpapatunay lamang na isipan ay makitid

Salita mo'y gawin
Ang itinuturo'y tupdin
Nang ang respeto'y di na dapat hingin
Sa pagpapahalaga mo, kusa kang mamahalin.

Sarili'y di natin lubusang kilala
Paano pa kaya ang sa iba?
Huwag naman sanang manghamak ng sobra
Maalala mo sana
Parehas pa rin kayong nakaapak sa lupa.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Bahay kubo and cariñosa

The bahay kubo

In the Philippines, bahay kubo is the national house and it is also considered one of the folk song of the country. So the reason why bahay kubo did not became the national folk dance probably because it was considered as Awiting Bayan rather than a dance.

Instead of Bahay Kubo, Cariñosa became officially the national folk dance of the Philippines. It rooted from one of the colonizers, the Spain. One of the legacy of Spain is most probably the Cariñosa dance. Like a baby, there is always something good trait it can inherit from its mother.

Typical bahay kubo in the Philippines

So let's embrace it rather than accused it or change. Changes will always incur costs specially in our very own identifies. Like changing the national language from Tagalog to Cebuano or something else will require huge amount. It will displace also the Tagalog or Filipino subject teachers as well, and will eventually need trainings for new Cebuano teachers if this will happen in the future.

What changes should be expected rather?

The lyrics

Bahay kubo kahit munti
Mga gulay dito ay sari-sari
Singkamas at talong
Sigarilyas at mani
Sitaw bataw patani

Bahay kubo kahit pawid
Malamig ang simoy sa gitna ng bukid
Masarap humiga
Kahit na sa sahig
Buhay dito'y tahimik

Kubong munti dampang bahay
Maligayang lahi sa nagmamahalan
Kung ikaw at ako'y dito na titira
Buhay ay liligaya
Bahay kubo kahit pawid

Malamig ang simoy sa gitna ng bukid
Masarap humiga
Kahit na sa sahig
Buhay dito'y tahimik
Kubong munti dampang bahay

Maligayang lahi sa nagmamahalan
Kung ikaw at ako'y dito na titira
Buhay ay liligaya

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A brief guide of chess rules

  • The chessboard is placed so that the white square is on the right side of the player.
  • The player with theWhite pieces always moves first.
  • A pawn on reaching the last rank will always be promoted to a piece of his choice, a Queen, Rook, Bishop or Knight as part of the same rows. The effect of this promoted piece is immediate. So if the pawn is promoted to a Queen, the Queen if it is in a position to do so, may check or checkmate the enemy King.
  • Each move must be made with only one hand.
  • A piece that is touched must be moved unless moving this piece would place the King in check. This is called the “touch-move rule.” If an opponent’s piece is touched then it must be captured if possible. If this is not possible then play continues as if that piece had not been touched.
  • A person may adjust on the chessboard on her move by saying “j’a double” which in French for “I adjust.”
  • When castling, the King must be moved first and then the Rook brought to stand on the opposite side to the King.
  • When using a clock, the button must be pressed with the hand which moved the piece of the chessboard.
  • All play should be conducted with respect for the opponent. A player should not distract or annoy her opponent in any way.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Ten rules of making new friends

If you were to make the ten rules of friendship, the following should be included:
  • Do things together. Engage in shared activities and experiences, creating memories together that strengthen the connection between individuals.
  • Be honest. Practice honesty and openness in communication, fostering trust and transparency within the relationship.
  • Talk about ideas, homes and dreams, fears and disappointments. Engage in meaningful conversations about aspirations, fears, and challenges, allowing for deep understanding and emotional support.
  • Encourage one another to do what is right. Support and encourage one another in making ethical and morally upright decisions, promoting growth and integrity within the relationship.
  • Be trustworthy and trusting. Build a foundation of mutual trust and reliability, demonstrating dependability and faith in each other's actions.
  • Talk out problems and disagreements. Address conflicts and differences constructively, by engaging in open dialogue and finding mutually beneficial resolutions.
  •  Look out for one another. Demonstrate care and concern for each other's well-being, offering assistance and support during times of need.
  • Listen carefully for another. Practice active listening, showing empathy and understanding towards each other's perspectives and feelings.
  • Comfort each other in down times. Provide comfort and reassurance during difficult times, offering solace and emotional support to alleviate distress.
  • Have fun. Embrace joy and laughter, finding opportunities to enjoy each other's company and create moments of happiness and levity in the relationship.
That's it. Being a good friend will be simple.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The benefits of playing musical instruments

Playing a musical instrument offers a multitude of benefits that extend beyond simply creating music. Firstly, engaging with musical instruments serves as a powerful brainpower booster. Research suggests that playing an instrument activates multiple areas of the brain simultaneously, leading to enhanced cognitive function, improved memory retention, and increased problem-solving skills. This cognitive stimulation can have long-term effects, contributing to better academic performance and overall mental acuity.

Moreover, learning to play an instrument can serve as a memory enhancer, sharpening both short-term and long-term memory abilities. The act of memorizing musical pieces, chord progressions, and note sequences strengthens neural connections in the brain associated with memory formation and recall. As individuals practice and refine their musical skills over time, they experience improvements in their ability to remember information and recall it with greater accuracy and efficiency.

Beyond its cognitive benefits, playing an instrument is also a powerful confidence builder. Mastering a musical instrument requires dedication, persistence, and patience, and each milestone achieved along the way boosts self-esteem and self-efficacy. As individuals overcome challenges and make progress in their musical journey, they develop a sense of accomplishment and pride in their abilities, which extends to other areas of their lives.

Additionally, playing an instrument serves as an effective stress reducer, offering a therapeutic outlet for emotional expression and relaxation. The act of immersing oneself in music, whether through playing or listening, has been shown to reduce stress hormones, lower blood pressure, and promote feelings of calmness and relaxation. As individuals engage with music, they experience a sense of mindfulness and presence in the moment, providing relief from the pressures and anxieties of daily life.

In conclusion, the benefits of playing musical instruments are vast and varied, encompassing cognitive, emotional, and psychological dimensions. By engaging with music, individuals can enhance their brainpower, improve memory function, build confidence, and alleviate stress. Whether for personal enjoyment or professional pursuit, playing an instrument offers a rewarding and enriching experience with lifelong benefits.

Monday, August 13, 2012

The new city of Ilagan

City Mayor Jay with a thumb up saying we are now a city.
Last August 11, 2012 successfully converted the Municipality of Ilagan into a city. The city now joins the rank of the other 143 cities in the Philippines.

Let me quote some famous sayings and anecdotes that a city must have:

“A great city is one where people want to go out of their homes. Public space is a magical good, and it never ceases to yield pleasure; we should give it a lot of attention. Public good prevails over private interest. A great city is where we all feel not excluded. The quality of the sidewalks in a city is the most telling thing. Just as a bird needs to fly, fish need to swim and deer need to run, we need to walk.”
“The most valuable asset in a city is its road space. The road space can be used as a society wishes. How do you want to distribute this space between pedestrians, bicycles, mass transit and cars—this is a political decision. Trying to solve traffic jams with bigger roads is like trying to put out a fire with gasoline. If there was more space for cars in London or New York, there would be more cars. Making new parking lots in London has been banned for over 40 years.”
“A city speaks, a city creates behavior. We want people to be able to leave their cars at home. In Holland a political decision was made to support bicycle infrastructure. It is done little by little. In Japan 30% of people who arrive at a train station arrive by bike. To have a safe bicycle route is a right; governments have to take a risk, show leadership and do the uncomfortable thing to invest in the necessary infrastructure. Bicycle use is a great symbol of equality. Someone on a $30 bike and a $30,000 car are equal in the street. A cyclist has as much right to use the road space as does a car. In developing countries 15-35% of people’s income is saved by those who travel by bicycle. In the future, bicycles will continue to become more and more important.

In 200 years people will say how could they live in those horrible 2010 cities? The 20th century will be remembered as disastrous for cities, as they were designed to accommodate cars, not people. “ Source: EcoLocalizer (

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

So the people may know...

(This is the electronic version of the original paid advertisement that appeared on the May 17 issue of The Manila Times. – Ed.)

The ever increasing spate of persecutions and harassments systematically being committed against us by our religious detractors known for their vaunted political influence in government is a compelling reason for us to avail of this alternative avenue of airing our strongest protest and condemnation against such unabated injustices and unfair practices. With God's help, we hope in the process to still be able to realize a positive outcome in our continuing quest for the elusive "sense of righteousness and fairness" in the midst of a social atmosphere of growing disaffection and discord.

Let it be known to all that we advocate nothing but fair share of justice from government instrumentalities that exercise responsibility in administering the same. Being haled to court is a reality we can easily live with as long as "equal protection of law" is observed and law enforcement is applied to all without fear or favor. Unfortunately however, we are at times deprived of legal remedies which on the other hand are easily available to our detractors. Court records will bear us out for instance that Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) is ordinarily granted to our accusers within hours upon filing of request while our own request for the same has not been acted upon several months after it has been filed.

So many instances of unfair treatment have been experienced by us from the very agencies supposedly tasked to protect our guaranteed constitutional rights. However, the recent resolution from the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) comes out to be a fitting climax to the shocking demonstration of selective curtailment of our supposedly inviolable sacred religious freedom and freedom of speech and of the press. All programs related to Ang Dating Daan are row banned from being televised indefinitely so declared by MTRCB! What a way to deprive us of our basic constitutional and human rights!

As if to add insult to injury, our tormentors and their cohorts in government backed up by groups of police escorts in an excessive show of force, trooped to our Ortigas Center UNTV studio. Clearly, their act is intended to harass and take the wits out of us despite our earlier compliance to the latest MTRCB ruling.

We wish neither to be alienated from this government nor the government be alienated from the people. What we are hoping for is for the government to govern not for a particular interest group or two but for all Filipinos so that in the process, the budding seeds of disaffection among many people may be properly addressed and checked even before such disaffection could further develop into a full blown protest.

In like manner, we wish that our detractors and tormentors amidst the darkness of their days would come to see the light of TRUTH, the brightness of our days. We hope that they emerged out of the unlighted closets of their fortress and further explore the deeper wisdom of the WORD OF GOD. Holding out to the doctrine of spiritual fairy tale is a desperate effort to preserve total materialism at the expense of spiritual salvation. For how can one be saved by embracing for example their unbiblical and mythical 'The Angel and the Big Four" theory of salvation while propagating the practice of supper (allegedly the "Holy" type) during breakfast time? Indeed, it is this kind of mythical and cultist approach in a different kind of evangelism that eventually led them to invent a blatantly blasphemous doctrine that Jesus Christ has not a pinch of divinity. Moreover, they claim that there is no salvation outside their church so that the Catholics, Muslims, and Protestants among others are hopeless and hell bound according to them. Such inherent spiritual wickedness, corruption and deception characterize the kind of psychological designs being used by them to gain and control adherents albeit temporal. Their uncanny ability to promote the doctrine of LIES in shameless defiance of TRUTH and RIGHTEOUSNESS is coupled with the mastery of deceptive diversionary tactics. Such a devious method is likewise employed by them in a desperate attempt to evade the onslaught of TRUTH from our end hoping to escape the prospect of self-destructive exposure of spiritual defeat. This explains their cowardly refusal to accept our religious debate challenge invoking lame excuses and reasoning out some mouthful of nonsense. Instead of meeting the challenge to prove their worth, a wicked method of serialized persecutions and harassments has been implemented to silence us and take the heat off them but they are wrong. We will forever be vigilant in guarding against deceptive religion for the sake of TRUTH and spiritual salvation. With the present situation prevailing, we could only pray for our detractor's enlightenment and wish that they repent.

Finally, we hope that legitimate grievances herein mentioned would merit the attention of those concerned for the greater interest of TRUTH, JUSTICE, and FAIR PLAY.


-- Kaanib Correspondents

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