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Thursday, April 30, 2015

A letter to myself #DearSelf

Just a letter to myself...

It's time to prepare yourself in any circumstances. Be productive as you can be. Do the best for tasks given to you. Always strive for perfection. Involve yourself to people, be human and responsible.

Procrastination is okay but remember it has limit. Be friendly to people around you, around the social networks and around the world. Assist strangers with a smile. Carry on the truth you have learned. Remember, always do the best.

Go out of comfort zone and be challenged mentally, physically and spiritually. Knock doors when in need. Do homework, know your facts, and remember the passion that persuades.

Make allowances for your friend's imperfections as readily as you do for your own. Always look for new best friends.

Pay bills on time, pay tax, avoid credits. Be thrifty. Remember, wealth is health, too.

Above all things, pray.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Center seat inside bus

As I reminisce about that particular moment, I vividly recall the sense of camaraderie and unity among us, the brethren, as we embarked on a journey together. Seated in the middle of the bus amidst fellow believers, I felt a profound connection to the community of faith to which I belonged. Our shared purpose and dedication to our spiritual journey bound us together, transcending the physical distance between us and reinforcing our sense of belonging.

The bus ride symbolized more than just a mode of transportation; it represented a collective journey towards spiritual growth and enlightenment. As we traversed the roads of Isabela province, our conversations were filled with words of encouragement, shared experiences, and reflections on our faith. Each mile traveled brought us closer not only to our destination but also to a deeper understanding of our shared beliefs and values.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the bus ride, there was a profound sense of peace and serenity that permeated the atmosphere. Surrounded by fellow believers, I felt a profound sense of reassurance and comfort, knowing that I was not alone in my spiritual journey. The fellowship and companionship of my brethren provided solace and strength, making the journey not only bearable but also enriching and fulfilling.

As we embarked on that journey together, I realized the significance of community and fellowship in nurturing and sustaining one's faith. The bus ride served as a metaphor for the collective journey of faith that we undertake as members of a spiritual community. Through shared experiences, mutual support, and a shared commitment to our beliefs, we find strength, encouragement, and inspiration to continue our journey towards spiritual growth and enlightenment.

In retrospect, that bus ride remains etched in my memory as a poignant reminder of the power of community and fellowship in nurturing and strengthening our faith. It was not merely a physical journey from one place to another but a spiritual pilgrimage shared with fellow believers. As we continue our journey of faith, may we always cherish the bonds of fellowship that unite us and draw strength from the collective spirit of our community.

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