Thursday, August 01, 2019

Buwan ng Wika 2019

As we celebrate Buwan ng Wika annually, this year's theme: Wikang Katutubo: Tungo sa Isang Bansang Filipino. But the Philippines as a nation will never be a nation without its former colonizers, namely: Spain and the United States. Without them, we don't have our own languages, too. I sympathize my fellow countrymen whenever they feel that Filipino (based in Tagalog), declared as the national language, is a product of imperial Manila. Despising more than the majority of Filipinos who don't speak it. As it kills other regional languages as some were forced to speak Tagalog to the extent that their local languages were put to lesser value.

I prefer to remove the term national language. And promote English and Spanish languages in the Philippines instead. There are benefits and advantages of promoting these languages.

Speaking English with fluency makes one more competitive in the world. And more than the majority of Filipinos speak English fluently. English is our language.

We as people of the Philippines should study Spanish language to keep our minds active. Doing so, will also help understand and study our history. It is our language, too. It must be recognized as our own. As there are still Spanish-speakers in our country.

The bottom line of this blog is this: the Philippines remains a poor country ever since we have Filipino language as the national language of this country. I strongly support the abolition of the term "national language" in a country like the Philippines which is so ethnically diverse.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

My new social media accounts

Following from last year's accounts deletion. My Facebook and Instagram accounts were disabled for no reason, I have setup new Facebook and Instagram account now. You may like and follow me using the new handle: @GerryYabesPH. I have new account on Twitter, too using the same new handle.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Facebook and Instagram accounts

It was in May 15th when I started to think that I need to go offline on Facebook as my account has been disabled for no reason at all. So my accounts on Facebook and Instagram were closed down. These are two addictive and dopamine-inducing social media websites.

A week later
A bit of adjustment after a week. I began to think that most of my time spent on reading articles. I develop my habit of reading blogs as days are passing by, took a lot of photos, etc. I also began to read Wikipedia articles, Spanish news, watching YouTube tutorials and a lot more. I also listen to music and start to learn vocalization. In the long run, I became more active by signing up a gym membership.

A month later
Well after a month, I began to be organized. Not just checking my calendars but to be mentally active and focused on things that I need to attend. I try my best to keep on visiting some parts of Metro Manila that I used to visit when I was working as a field researcher back then. So long as I have enough.

Alternative Apps
I have other apps that I am using now. These are meetup and couch surfing. These apps are useful in meeting people. Know what's happening sorts of.

I challenge you to do the same thing. Delete Facebook and Instagram accounts. Let's start to go offline.