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Monday, September 16, 2019

Planning to resign

After having sometime to think of my career, I am planning to shift to use my Spanish language skills. I completed a language study with Hola Amigos in 2018 and I really wanted to make sure that I use the language for my advantage and to earn more. Being a bilingual agent in the BPO industry will really make you earn two to three times than just being an English agent alone.

Resigning from a job can be a difficult decision, but here are some steps to help make the process smoother:

  1. Give ample notice: It's common to give at least two weeks' notice before leaving a job, but it's always best to check your contract or company policy to see what's expected of you.

  2. Write a resignation letter: A resignation letter is a formal way to inform your employer of your decision to leave. Keep the tone professional and neutral.

  3. Schedule a meeting: Schedule a meeting with your supervisor or HR representative to deliver your resignation letter and discuss the details of your departure.

  4. Be respectful: Be respectful and professional throughout the resignation process, even if you're leaving for negative reasons. Your reputation and future job prospects may be impacted by how you handle your departure.

  5. Negotiate terms: If possible, negotiate the terms of your departure. This may include the date of your last day, unused vacation time, or severance pay.

  6. Tie up loose ends: Make sure to complete any outstanding projects and transition your work to your colleagues before your last day.

  7. Stay in touch: Consider staying in touch with your former colleagues and supervisor. This can be beneficial for future job prospects and professional networks.

Remember to remain professional and respectful throughout the resignation process, as it reflects on you and your future job prospects. Before you do resign, make sure you have already a job offer for your next career to keep those income coming regularly.

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