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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Facebook sharing method in groups

Blogs, posts, photos, tweets, hash tags, videos, links, etc. these are things people do with social nets. And facebook is a perfect place to share these things with friends, colleagues especially loved ones.

You can have maximum of five thousand friends in your facebook account. With that limit, whatever you share is tantamount to be likewse limited also. The target is still significant to reach these in your account.

First of all, I am the group and page admin of all related places in the Philippines. These have unified makings for everybody's easy identification. As time goes by, it will accumulate members and increase likes. These will make easy to reach and target more than the five thousand of a regulsr account eventually.

Atleast half of the Filiino population are on facebook right now. Maybe it is or not, then I will know the figure later. The groups and pages are lucky enough to accumulate these millions of Filipinos under one and same admin. The fame comes naturally by yours truly.

As of this date, 144 city-groups, over 1,400 town-groups, 81 province-groups in 16 region-groups are there on facebook for everyone's attention. Hopefully everyone is joining. See you there!

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