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Monday, November 20, 2023

When you feel like giving up....

1. This is a Phase.
Tough times are just a phase. They don't last forever. Life is a cycle of highs and lows. Remember, this too shall pass. You're in the middle of the storm now, but clear skies are ahead. Hold on.

2. You Are Stronger Than You Think.
Never underestimate your resilience.

- You've survived 100% of your bad days.
- Inside you, there is an inner strength.
- Your potential is greater than any problem.

Remember, you're stronger and more capable than you believe.

3. Small Steps Count.
Progress isn't always a leap forward. Sometimes it's tiny, almost imperceptible steps. Each step, no matter how small, brings you closer to your goal. Celebrate every bit of progress. Slow and steady can still win the race. Keep moving forward.

4. Remember Your 'Why'.
Think back to the reasons why you started. Reconnect with your motivation and your goals.

5. Failure is a Stepping Stone.
It's okay to fall but it's important to rise again. Every setback brings learning opportunities.  Remember, every great success story involves overcoming obstacles. Keep going. Your story is being written.

6. Practice Self-Care.

Self-care is essential, especially during tough times.

- Eat nutritious food
- Exercise regularly
- Get adequate sleep
- Connect with loved ones
- Engage in activities that bring joy.

It’s not selfish, it's survival. Your well-being matters.

7. It's Okay to Ask for Help.
Remember, you're not alone in this journey.

- Reach out to friends, family, or professionals
- Open up about your struggles
- Seek support when you need it

Strength isn't just about enduring in silence. It's also knowing when to ask for help.

To my friends and readers, Fight for yourself. No matter how difficult it becomes, never let yourself give in. After some time, your spark will eventually return. You will come out happier, healthier, and wiser. We are in this together.

Monday, November 13, 2023

Ocean of wisdom

A poor man always think the rich man made his wealth out of luck.  

And the rich man believes the poor is poor because he is lazy. 

A young lady who married very early  thinks ladies who are finding it hard to get married have bad character. 

A man who just graduated and get a job immediately thinks he is smarter than others. 

While a woman who just got married and start giving birth sees "barren" women as people who lived a wayward life. 

If only the poor knew the price the rich paid to get to top and if only the rich knows the battles, challenges that the poor is going  through, none will ever form a theory about each other. 

If the poor can't appreciate the rich man's success let him mind his business if it is easy to be rich he wouldn't have been poor. 

And if the rich won't help the poor grow at least they should not kill the spirit of a struggling man. 

If only you know what people endure or fight behind the scene you will always thank God for your life. Until you walk in people's shoes,  You will never know how hard the journey is.

Help each other grow!!! 
Mock less, envy no one. 
and love one another.

Repost from Realtalk ni Mel on Facebook. 

Saturday, November 11, 2023

CTRL + ALT + DECEIT: Ito ang Gameshow ng buhay niyo!

Ang ‘Control+Alt+Deceit’ ay istorya ng Bayan ng Pinagkaisahan sa ilalim ng pamumuno ni Mayora Divina Gracia. Perpektong pamumuhay gamit ang makabagong teknolohiya ang kanyang adhikain para sa nasasakupan.

Ito ay orihinal na likha ng mga sumali sa theater arts workshop na tumagal sa loob ng anim na linggo.

Bahagi ng kampanya ni Mayora Divina Gracia na paunlarin ang bayan ng Pinagkaisahan ay ang paggamit ng makabagong teknolohiya. Nais nitong ipagamit sa mga mamamayan sa araw-araw ng kanilang pamumuhay ng mga pamilya, sa mga paghahanap-buhay, at maging sa mass media.

May kautusan nisi Mayora na ang anomang negatibong impormasyon ay huwag ma-i-publish ng Voz Unida Media company. Nais din niyang palaguin ang produksiyon ng mga kumpanya upang makakalap ng malaking kita sa mga negosiyo gaya ng McJolliSal sa pamamagitan naman ng mga robot bilang service crews nito. Inutusan din niya na bawat pamilya ay magsumite ng kanilang ideya tungkol sa isang perfect family sa pamamagitan ng larawan, pagsasayaw, at pati mga gawain sa bahay.

Si Cathy ay isang bagong empleyado ng Voz Unida Media. Habang tumataggal ay napapansin niya na ang mga negatibong balita ay hindi ipinapalabas ng kumpanyang pinagtatamrabahuan nito.

Hindi kalaunan ay paparami nang paparami na nga ang mga gumagamit ng makabagong teknolohiya na ida-download lamang ang Santa Siri app sa appstore ay napapagaan na ang mga gawain. Ngunit sa kabilang bahagi ay parami naman nang parami ang mga nagrereklamo sa palpak na paggamit ng teknolohiyang ito.

Una na si Angela na manager ng McJolliSal. Nagkaroon ng palpak na gawain ang mga robot bilang service crews nito. Mga customer ay nagrereklamo dahil may ipis sa pagkaing inorder. Nakarating itong reklamo sa Voz Unida Media. Ang balitang kapalpakan ng MacJolliSal ay pilit na itinatago ng Voz Unida Media.

Isang pamilya naman ay nakilahok sa perfect family task ni mayora. Ang buong pamilya ni Juswa ay nakilahok na nagsumite ng tatlong photos at isang video dance gamit ang Santa Siri app. Ngunit hindi nagtagal ay nagrereklamo si Juswa, pangalawang reklamador. Dahil narin sa makabagong teknolohiyang ginagamit na lumilitaw na fake familya task pala ito.

Ang mga reklamong ito ay nakarating sa Voz Unida Media. Isang kumpanya na gumagamit din ng robots na sina Honeybunch at Bebelove. Pilit pa ring itinatago ang mga reklamong natatanggap ng mediang ito. Bandang huli ay nagkaroon ng malfunction ang robots ng Voz Unida Media. Samantalang nagmemeryenda ang mga kasamahan ni Cathy ay naipublish nito ang mga balitang totoo at pinaalalahanan ni Boss Leon ang magiging epekto ng ginawa ni Cathy.

Itong tatlong reklamador ay sumali sa game show na Bayan ko 'to: Ang game show ng buhay niyo.  Dito isiniwalat ang lahat ng mga kapalpakan na nagawa ng paggamit ng makabagong teknolohiya. Hindi kalaunan ay naibulgar na ang Voz Unida Media ay nagfifilter ng news. Kaya't ang buong bayan ay nagningas ng galit kay Mayora. Hanggang sa ang buong bayan ay natutong maging mapanuri sa mga balitang naririnig, at pati ng mga paggalit ng mga makabagong teknolohiya na makakaapekto sa mga mamamayan.

Sa wakas ay nananalo din ang bayan dahil hindi na magpapalinlang kundi sama-sama nang mag-iisip sa kapakanan ng bawat isa. Prayoridad na ang kabutihan, pagkakaisa, at magtutulungan para sa katotohan, at katarungan sa bayan ng Pinakaisahan.

Monday, November 06, 2023

Let's get back to sound body and health

On August 17, 2023, it came to my mind to buy a bottle of apple cider vinegar at the Uptown Mall in BGC Taguig City. It's time and again to go back to my old habits of drinking this awesome drink. To maintain one's body and mind in a healthy state is a must for everyone.

As I googled some of the benefits of drinking this bottle, let me share you as follows:
  • it helps to loss weight
  • it reduces cholesterol
  • lowers blood sugar levels
  • if you're diabetic as it may lessens the symptoms (not be considered as an alternative)
I need to loss weight and I constantly making sure that I don't go above 1300 calories per day. Right now, my weight is 90 kilograms. Upon checking my body mass index (BMI), I should stay and maintain 70 kilograms. So this drink will help to loss excess weight. Of course, regular exercise is a must while doing drinking this daily.

For more information, you may read this article on Six Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar, Backed by Science.

I suggest you to buy a bottle or two of the unpasteurized version of Bragg's Apple Cider Vinergar with the monther label. This is not an advertisement.

Make sure to drink it in small amounts only. Large amount of consuming this drink is possibly unsafe. Avoid applying it on your skin as it can cause chemical burns. If your potassium level is low, drinking apple cider may even lower it so take extra precautions. For more details, read more about
Apple Cider Vinegar.

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