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Sunday, January 03, 2021

My Planner 2021, my plans in life

As January 3rd rolls around, the quest for a planner for 2021 continues with little success. Since December 16th until January 2nd, various malls have been scoured in pursuit of the perfect planner, yet to no avail. The criteria remain simple: an ordinary planner, devoid of any fancy embellishments or overly feminine designs. A plain and practical planner is all that's sought, though a touch of humor never hurts in the search.

The ideal planner envisioned is one that offers ample space for each day's activities, learnings, and accomplishments. A full page dedicated to every day serves as the canvas for listing down the myriad of tasks, reflections, and ideas that fill each moment. With the sheer volume of information to track, relying solely on memory becomes an untenable prospect. Thus, the search persists, with hopeful glances towards online platforms like Facebook, where a solution may yet be found.

In the digital age, the need for a physical planner may seem quaint to some, but for others, it's a lifeline to organization and productivity. With every day presenting new challenges and opportunities, the ability to jot down thoughts and plans provides a sense of clarity amidst the chaos. As the hunt for the elusive planner continues, the anticipation builds, knowing that once it's found, the year ahead can truly begin with a sense of purpose and direction.

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