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Monday, June 27, 2011

Now working as a supervisor

I am now officially working as an employee of Talavera Group of Companies here in Cauayan City, Isabela. My assignment is a supervisory work in a department store that offers products and services.

My employee ID as a supervisor.

As one of the employees, we meet people everyday. Offer assistance, check baggage, sell products which are needed in everyday life.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Still finding for a new job

The joy of job hunting is fun! You have to wait for you to be interviewed. That's coupled with patience and a lot of patience. And it's fun to work back to home.

Until the night I received a message telling me to come for interview. Atlast, the hard work of putting a great resume generated interview! And that's an achievement.

All of this came from advice from the book: Perfect CV. It tell you everything you need to know how to create yours perfectly. So grab a copy guys and get something to read and learn which we have never learned from schools out there.

Good luck. Send me a note if you have a copy.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

On music training

Do you have synonyms for the term, From everlasting to everlasting? Mine is simply as from music to music! Before the creation there is already music. According to Sharon Fabian, she said in here article entitled Music from the Beginning:
  1. There was music before there were people to listen to it. Birds sang. Wind whistled, and ocean waves crashed in a steady rhythm.
  2. People have probably made music since their earliest days on earth too. Maybe the first human music imitated the sounds of nature. Humans may have created songs in imitation of the sounds of other creatures. Once people had words to speak, maybe they also had words for songs. Simple hunting tools might have served as early percussion instruments. Simple flutes made from hollowed bones have been found that date back to 10,000 BC.
  3. Archaeologists have found evidence that music was played in ancient civilizations including ancient Egypt and Babylonia. Since early music was not written down, the earliest evidence of music is in the form of pictures showing musicians and musical instruments. Evidence of written music from the later BC years has also been found.
So to all music lovers out there, try to learn some instruments. It's fun!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Working as radio DJ

Last Thursday, June 2nd, 2011, marked the day when I eagerly applied for the position of a deejay at the renowned rock FM station in Roxas, Isabela. After expressing my interest and undergoing the initial screening process, I was informed that I would receive a call the following day, Friday, for a sample airing. However, despite my anticipation, the expected message never reached me. As the day passed without any communication from the station, I couldn't help but feel a sense of disappointment and uncertainty about my prospects.

Reflecting on the situation, I couldn't shake off the nagging feeling that perhaps my geographical location posed a hindrance to securing the position. Living in a different area from the station's headquarters, I realized that logistical challenges might have influenced their decision-making process. Despite my qualifications and enthusiasm for the role, it seemed that practical considerations might have outweighed other factors in their deliberations.

Nevertheless, as I mulled over the events of the past few days, I couldn't help but feel that a simple courtesy gesture would have provided some closure to the situation. While I understood the complexities involved in recruitment decisions, a brief message informing me of my status would have been greatly appreciated. Such small acts of consideration go a long way in maintaining professionalism and respect in the hiring process, leaving candidates with a positive impression regardless of the outcome.

But to give you an idea of what deejays are doing, you may click here for the details: It's full of information there published by the website.

With regards on how to work as a deejay, here's ehow's file for your readings: Thank you guys.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Lauching the website

Today, I am launching my website! The website has been in its three long years of existence since 2008 and have decided to launch it for public views and visits. Its a great undertaking for this kind of endeavor. will provide updates to my family, relatives and friends on all my whereabouts and blah blah blha. Also links to my facebook profile, twitter updates, etc. Something that will cause envy among my peers, my colleagues, classmates and to those eck eck.

Whether you are new to my website or one of those long time stalkers, I hope you enjoy my playground and I have enjoyed for more than three years. I can case you bumped here accidentally, you may visit for a great learning experience.

Facebook Page

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