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Monday, April 08, 2024

Donate to Rapper, what's the effect?

While donations can be beneficial for sustaining independent journalism, there are potential negative effects associated with relying heavily on public donations, particularly for a news organization like Rappler which the orgnization asks donation for several years ago. Let me share some of the negative effects regarding this.

Donate to Rappler screengrab from website.
  1. Dependency on Donors' Agenda: Well that's depends on the size and influence of donors, there is a possible risk that Rappler's editorial decisions could be influenced by the preferences or agendas of those providing donations. This could be an oligarch, a business elite, a politician, etc. You name it. This could compromise the news organization's independence and objectivity.
  2. Perception of Bias: Public perception may be influenced by the perception that Rappler's reporting is biased towards donors. There's also possiblity that certain topics are covered more favorably due to financial support. This could undermine trust in the organization's credibility and impartiality. Since June 2023, the trust rating of 47% has been declining, even netizens calling it as crappler. Even confirmed by of such dwindling trust rating.
  3. Financial Instability: Relying heavily on donations can make Rappler financially vulnerable, as donation levels may fluctuate over time due to changes in economic conditions or donor priorities. This instability could impact the organization's ability to sustain operations and maintain staffing levels. Philippine government ordered to close the news organization in June 2022 due to various reasons.
  4. Pressure to Please Donors: Rappler may feel pressure to cater to the preferences of donors in order to maintain their support, potentially leading to self-censorship or the prioritization of certain topics over others based on donor interests rather than journalistic merit.
  5. Loss of Editorial Independence: If donations become a primary source of funding for Rappler, there is a risk that the news organization could become overly reliant on donors' support, potentially compromising its editorial independence and ability to report on sensitive or controversial issues without fear of repercussions.
Overall, while donations can provide valuable financial support for news organizations like Rappler, it's important for them to carefully consider the potential negative effects and take steps to ensure transparency, accountability, and editorial independence in their fundraising efforts.

Monday, March 18, 2024

Absurd 1987 Philippine Constitution

Whatever is happening in the Philippines is a result of implementing an absurd constitution that centralizes everything in the country, and forcing everyone to migrate from any part of the Philippines to Metro Manila. This is what is happening when all of the 82 provinces of the archipelago are neglected, despite all of them are tax payers.

The development of local economies are impaired by monopolies, and doupolies that past administrations since 1987 prioritize their oligarch and elite friends, at the expense of all Filipinos. Definitely, EDSA-pwera!

When there is no foreign direct investments (FDIs), there is also no competition in the economy and everyone leads to mediocrity. No competiton means minimum wage for local workers, no purchasing power of the masses to afford basic necessities such as food, shelter, clothing and nothing luxuries at all.

Those imperialists in Metro Manila and the Tagalog elitists hoard almost all of the national budget and development for decades, then the same who gatekeep the development of 82 provinces as if non-Manila residents are not entitled to it. In the national level, all of the provinces are always in the losing end in terms of infrastructure development. You're truly ignorant if you don't know these matters and even opposing charter change in the country!

No question then that our 1987 constitution is flawed, outdated, defective, rotten and even irrelevant documents by its stupid framers in 1986 in today's modern world.


Further readings:

Monday, March 04, 2024

Bakit single pa rin?

In the latest update posted by GMA News kung balit may ilang mga Pinoy na pinipili ang maging single. Maraming dahilan kung bakit pinipili ang relationship status na single. Narito ang ilan sa mga nakuha kong information:

  • Pera over jowa
  • Peace of mind, yung wala masyadong issue
  • Focused on self-growth
  • Set of priorities
  • Doesn't align with your principles
  • Walang choice
  • Less expensive (hindi doble ang bibilhin mong foods, drinks, etc.)
  • Rare na ang matinong lalake or babae
  • Gustong maging independent for all successes and achivements
  • Self-healing after being hurt or done hurting someone
  • Can't even take care of self
  • Walang pera
  • Combination ng pagiging tamad, work from home, and not getting to meet anyone new
  • Being contented and happy
  • Sarili ang mamahalin, hindi ang iba
  • Mayaman ang hanap ng iba
  • Parang trabaho pero hind ka qualified
  • Being in a relationship is a luxury and you should expect a great deal of stress and anxiety
  • Ayaw makasakit sa damdamin ng iba kaya stay single na lang
  • Hindi pa ready ang sarili sa relasyon
  • Pangit ang hitsura
  • Cheaters kasi yung iba, hindi pa nakaka-move-on sa ex
  • Not able to match the energy
  • Mataas ang standards
  • Para iwas ang gastos
  • Not interested in pursing a relationship
  • Mababa ang credit score
  • Unrealistic ang standards
  • Yung gusto ko, hindi ako gusto
  • Focus muna sa sarili
  • Naka-"me time" ako baka mabalewala lang ang future partner
  • Dahil sa lagay ng ekonomiya
  • Breadwinner kasi
  • Walang time
  • Iniwan kasi ako kaya single
  • Masyadong makasarili
  • It's meant to be single
  • Kontento na sa mga kaibigan ang kapamilya
  • Nag-eenjoy sa pagiging third-wheel kasi merong food trips, activities, etc.
  • Tinatamad lang
  • Kasi walang drama, peaceful ang buhay
  • For the peace of mind
  • Lack of substance and insecure
  • Hindi kasi romantic
  • Mahal ang bilihin
  • Lahat ng nagustuhan ko, ayaw sa akin
  • Hindi pa priority

Monday, February 26, 2024

On APO's hakbang paurong against cha-cha

To the members of the Alpha Phi Omega (APO) who staged their annual oblation Run at the University of the Philippines Diliman on Friday, Feb. 16th, 2024. This year's theme is "Cha-cha: Hakbang Paurong."

You won't see this ideocracy in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and even Vietnam. You will never see this stupid and idiotic act in countries where their systems are in Federal-Parliamentary and their economy is also open for foreign investors. It's only in the worst university in ASEAN which the education system in the Philippines is lagging behind, the University of the Philippines. You can only see this in the Philippines, the only country in the world where there are a lot of restrictions in its lousy constitution, which some of the framers protect oligarch and elites in the Philippines, making majority of Filipinos poor.

Instead of presenting alternative solutions to economic charter change, they go out in public to their naked bodies which carry no value or message at all.

We need to open our country to foreign investments to several sectors and several industries. Allowing these investors will generate job opportunities for all Filipinos. Instead of going to work abroad, it is much better to bring in investments so Filipnios will no longer be separated with their family members, and friends. It will also generate local tax revenue which will be used to fund our education. So that UP students have something in their brains.

Friday, February 16, 2024

EDSA is officially dead in the Philippines

Numerous individuals and organizations, including ex-Supreme Court justices Antonio Carpio and Adolfo Azcuna, are advocating for an end to discussions about amendments to the Constitution. However, it is argued that EDSA has lost its relevance over time since the rushed ratification of the 1987 Philippine constitution was carried out without proper notification of citizens. As a result of this move which left our country severely underdeveloped; rather than embodying hope and positive change as intended by EDSA's spirit initially - today we see nothing but inconvenience caused by traffic congestion because infrastructure hasn't kept pace with population growth in urban areas making it ineffective. Its deterioration from lackadaisical maintenance renders it gradually becoming obsolete until eventually ceasing existence altogether.

Source: Wikipedia

After the Philippine government issued a decree announcing holidays for 2024, it became apparent that the EDSA People Power Revolution was not included. A vast majority of Filipinos have come to accept that this historic event has lost its significance since Benigno Simeon Aquino's presidency.

In case you haven't come to terms with reality yet, let me kindly remind you that the EDSA rhetoric has officially been put to rest by the majority of Filipino citizens who voted in the recent 2022 elections. As a result, it's crucial that we move on from a constitution based on this now defunct ideology. The previous framework failed in its superficial attempt at safeguarding Philippine interests and was rather motivated by an ulterior goal of prohibiting power for the Marcoses. It is time for those involved with yellow, pink, and red movements reevaluate their approaches as they search for alternative tactics aimed at deceiving people again.

The primary recollection of EDSA for many Filipinos is its infamous reputation as the world's most congested road, with little else standing out in their minds.

Monday, January 22, 2024

Ang Charter Change ay tunay na pagbabago ng sistema

To all honorable senators of the Philippines:

Ang CHARTER CHANGE ang Tunay na Pagbabago ng SISTEMA at ang PINAKAUNANG Hakbang para masolusyunan ang KAHIRAPAN, KAWALAN ng TRABAHO, at KORUPSYON.


PAGTANGGAL ng mga ECONOMIC PROVISIONS sa 1987 Constitution(Articles 12, 14, 16) ang PINAKAIMPORTANTE na MANGYARI muna para papasok ang mga Multinational Investors at International Companies na syang magbibigay ng maraming trabaho at malaking sweldo sa mga tao. Ang Pilipinas ang PANGALAWA sa PINAKAMAHIGPIT sa mundo in terms of allowing FDIs into the country. Ito ang DAHILAN kung bakit maraming OFWs na UMAALIS TAUN-TAON.


Ito ay kontra sa kasalukuyang UNITARY SYSTEM (Article 10). Ito ay maganda para maging pantay-pantay ang OPORTUNIDAD nga mga REHIYON at para ma-decongest ang Metro Manila.


Sa lahat ng levels of government ang kasalukuyang PRESIDENTIAL SYSTEM(Article 6 & 7). Ito ang ang ating paraan para mas maibsan ang KORUPSYON katulad ng sa Germany, Singapore, Japan at sa mga EUROPEAN countries.


Monday, January 15, 2024

Ten reasons to say Yes to charter change


1. Ang Charter Change o ang tamang tawag talaga is CONSTITUTIONAL REFORMS ay HINDI PROJECT ni SPEAKER MARTIN ROMUALDEZ.

Walang nakasaad kahit saan man sa mga proposals na gawing PRIME MINISTER si Martin Romualdez. Hindi rin ito matatawag na originally galing sa KONGRESO, kung hindi galing talaga ito sa TAUMBAYAN na mga PROPOSALS na REPORMA.

Hindi ito project ng isang tao lang kundi proposals po ito ng karamihan na nagsimula pa sa kapanahunan ni Fidel Ramos, at nangyayari rin sa panahon ni Joseph Estrada, Gloria Arroyo, Noy Noy Aquino, at Rodrigo Duterte at patuloy na itinutulak ng mga taong napagtanto nila na ang TUNAY NA DAHILAN sa KAHIRAPAN at KORUPSYON sa PILIPINAS ay nagmumula sa 1987 KONSTITUSYON.

2. Ang UNANG HAKBANG para MASOLUSYUNAN ang mga problemang ito ay ang PAGREPORMA sa 1987 KONSTITUSYON (CONSTITUTIONAL REFORMS) or ang tinatawag sa media na CHARTER CHANGE.

Kasama na dito ang mga terms na ECONOMIC CHACHA, FEDERALISM, PARLIAMENTARY SYSTEM, Constitutional Convention (CONCON), Constituent Assembly (CONASS)

3. Ang ating mga kasama sa SENADO at KONGRESO na siyang tumutulong sa atin na maging katotohanan ito ay sina SENATOR ROBIN PADILLA, REPRESENTATIVES RUFUS RODRIGUEZ, RICHARD GOMEZ, STELLA QUIMBO, JOEY SALCEDA, DONG GONZALES at marami pang iba. Nagkataon lang na si MARTIN ROMUALDEZ ang Speaker at pinakinggan niya ang mungkahi ng karamihan about Constitutional Reforms.

Kasama na ang ibang ekonomista, mga lawyer, mga political scientist, at mga pribadong mamamayan katulad nila PROF. CLARITA CARLOS, ATTY. TONY ABAD, ORION PEREZ D. at marami pang iba tulad ng PIRMA, at CoRRECT Movement.

4. Ang proseso sa PEOPLE'S INITIATIVE ay nagsisimula pa lang sa pagkuha ng mga signature. Ito ay dadaan pa sa PAGSUSURI ng COMELEC at ang FINAL STAGE ay iyong tinatawag natin na PLEBISCITE kung saan pagbobotohan ng taumbayan kung YES or NO sila sa Amendments na sinasabi sa PEOPLE'S INITIATIVE.

Lahat ng mga amendments na nakalatag diyan ay isasapubliko at bibigyan ng MASSIVE INFORMATION CAMPAIGN bago mangyayari ang plebisito. So IMPOSIBLE MAGKAKAROON yung mga PATAGO na mga PANUKALA katulad ng NO ELECTION or TERM EXTENSION at kung ano pa man na sinasabi na dapat katakutan sa PAGREPORMA ng 1987 KONSTITUSYON.

AGAIN, WALANG DAPAT IKATAKOT OR IPANGAMBA sa REPORMA SA KONSTITUSYON, sa PEOPLE'S INITIATIVE, sa Constitutional Convention or kahit na sa Constituent Assembly.

5. Sa CoRRECT Movement, tatlong reporma ang isinusulong na tinatawag nating THREE POINT AGENDA:

    Provisions (Articles 12, 14, 16) - ito ang DAAN natin para makaahon sa KAHIRAPAN dahil sa pagpasok ng mas maraming FDIs na magbi ng maraming trabaho, kapital, at makabagong teknolohiya.
  • Shift to PARLIAMENTARY SYSTEM (Articles 6 & 7)
    - ito ang kasagutan sa PAGSUGPO or pagMINIMIZED sa KORUPSYON
  • Adapt EVOLVING FEDERALISM - Article 10 - ito ang kasagutan para sa MAS PATAS NA PAGLAGO ng mga rehiyon sa bansa.

6. TUNGKOL sa mga ALLEGATIONS na PERA para sa PIRMA, ang nangyayari is nabahiran lang ang PEOPLE'S INITIATIVE dahil isinama ang pagpalaganap nito sa mga pagtitipon ng pagbibigay ng ayuda sa mga tao.

Klarong klaro sa instructions, ano ang nilalaman ng PEOPLE'S INITIATIVE at may mga pamphlets pa nga na ibinibigay at based sa video, tama naman ang pagkasabi na malamang uunlad ang buhay natin kapag nabago ng KONSTITUSYON. Posible rin na hindi na detalyado ang explanation kasi nandoon na lahat sa pamphlets at sa form ang information. Alam mo naman na may katamaran ang mga tao sa ganyan na kalakaran lalo na at pera lang or ayuda ang pinakapakay talaga nila.

Ang importante, walang sapilitan or tinutukan ba ng baril para pirmaha ang form. Ang pagbibigay ng ayuda ay matagal na rin na kalakaran at hindi lang dahil sa PEOPLE'S INITIATIVE. Kahit pa walang P.I., mayroon na talagang ganyan na sistema na tinatawag natin na PADRINO SYSTEM (or ayuda system).

7. Ang PEOPLE'S INITIATIVE 2024 ay suportado rin ng mga REPRESENTATIVE, mga GOBERNADOR , mga MAYOR, hanggang sa mga BARANGAY CAPTAIN kung kaya't ito ay pinadaan nila sa kanilang Constituents na nasanay na sa PADRINO SYSTEM.

Nagbibigay ang mga politiko ng ayuda pero nandun yung tawag natin na mas uunahin nilang bigyan yung mga taong sumusuporta sa kanila sa election at sa mga panahon na kailangan nila ang suporta kagaya ng sa People's Initiative or kung anuman na policies nila.

8. Hindi naiiba ang People's Initiative sa ganito na transaksyon. Walang sinasabi sa intention ng PEOPLE'S INITIATIVE na pirmahan mo ito at bibigyan ka ng pera or ayuda. WALANG PERA para sa PIRMA. Existing na ang network or structure na ganyan. Dumaan lang ang PEOPLE'S INITIATIVE ngayon dahil naghihingi ng suporta ang mga Kongresista at Local na Officials na suportahan ang pagbabago ng Konstitusyon.

This is "just another Tuesday" for them or sa mga taong involved sa PADRINO SYSTEM. Ang PADRINO SYSTEM ang dapat i-call out and not the PEOPLE'S INITIATIVE. Let's NOT THROW THE BABY OUT WITH THE BATHWATER. In fact, this padrino system is a product of the political and economic system borne out of the 1987 Constitution on which is intended to be reformed.

9. As for the PEOPLE'S INITIATIVE 2024, ang punto dito ay upang maklaro ang kahulugan ng Article XVII Section 1 (1)

Amendments or Revisions
Section 1. Any amendment to or revision of, this Constitution may be proposed by:
(1) The Congress, upon a vote of three-fourths of all its Members,
(dinagdag ang naka-BOLD LETTERS sa huli ng section na ito)

10. Tinutulak ang amendment na ito para matapos na ang pagtatalo ng House of Representatives at Senado dahil sa Article na ito na dahilan upang hindi makausad ang usapin ng REPORMA sa KONSTITUSYON.

Kapag nanalo ito sa Plebiscite ng People's Initiative, puwede nang ipagpatuloy ang usapin sa kung anong mga reporma na kailangan pag-usapan at ang pagbuo ng Constitutional Convention or Constituent Assembly.

But unless na maresolba ito, walang mangyayari sa PAGREPORMA ng KONSTITUSYON sa kadahilanang hindi rin nakipagtulungan ang SENADO.

Ang SENADO talaga ang BALAKID sa mga USAPIN NA REPORMANG KONSTITUSYON kaya't mas maigi na hindi na lang rin natin sila isali sa usapan. Nasa isipan kasi nila na kapag nagkaganun, mawawala ang SENADO at mawawala ang kanilang kapangyarihan at impluwensiya. Again, sa PEOPLE'S INITIATIVE, WALANG sinasabi dito na magiging PRIME MINISTER si MARTIN ROMUALDEZ.

Wala pa nga yung proposal na PARLIAMENTARY SYSTEM.

Walang sinasabi na TERM EXTENSION or NO ELECTION sa 2025 or 2028.

Wala ring sinasabi na i-WEAKEN ang SENADO, KINUKUHA lang natin sa kanila ang KAPANGYARIHAN na PIGILAN ang TUNAY NA PAGBABAGO sa pamamagitan ng REPORMA sa KONSTITUSYON.

At idadaan natin yan sa TAUMBAYAN (PLEBISITO ) na siyang HULING HUSGA sa USAPING ITO.

Check this website for more information:

Sana po NALIWANAGAN KAYO at NAWALA ang inyong TAKOT at PANGAMBA at suportahan natin ang PEOPLE'S INITIATIVE 2024 para sa PAGREPORMA sa 1987 KONSTITUSYON.
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Monday, December 04, 2023

My thoughts about SIM registration

When the SIM registration enacted into law in October 10, 2022 in the Philippines, there are only few people or groups who are against it. Let's try to dig some thoughts about this social issue.

Benefits of having SIM cards registered:

  • Crack down on mobile phone scams and other crimes
  • Aims to use SIM cards responsibly
Some issues being raised by some groups who are against this law
  • Right to data privacy
  • Violation of freedom of expression and access to information
  • Spoofing of a registered SIM card
  • Could be use to mass surveillance
Since the deactivation was recently in force on July 26, 2023, I am still in the gathering of valuable information if the issues raised above are true.

Meanwhile, Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), one of the largest banks in the Philippines, is being true to its commitment in fight versus scams. Most of these frauds are done through phone users. BPI is spending at least 500 million pesos to defend such fraud. The SIM registration is crucial as this will help to lessen, if not, eliminate scams in the country.

Let me know what you think by sending your comments below.

Monday, November 20, 2023

When you feel like giving up....

1. This is a Phase.
Tough times are just a phase. They don't last forever. Life is a cycle of highs and lows. Remember, this too shall pass. You're in the middle of the storm now, but clear skies are ahead. Hold on.

2. You Are Stronger Than You Think.
Never underestimate your resilience.

- You've survived 100% of your bad days.
- Inside you, there is an inner strength.
- Your potential is greater than any problem.

Remember, you're stronger and more capable than you believe.

3. Small Steps Count.
Progress isn't always a leap forward. Sometimes it's tiny, almost imperceptible steps. Each step, no matter how small, brings you closer to your goal. Celebrate every bit of progress. Slow and steady can still win the race. Keep moving forward.

4. Remember Your 'Why'.
Think back to the reasons why you started. Reconnect with your motivation and your goals.

5. Failure is a Stepping Stone.
It's okay to fall but it's important to rise again. Every setback brings learning opportunities.  Remember, every great success story involves overcoming obstacles. Keep going. Your story is being written.

6. Practice Self-Care.

Self-care is essential, especially during tough times.

- Eat nutritious food
- Exercise regularly
- Get adequate sleep
- Connect with loved ones
- Engage in activities that bring joy.

It’s not selfish, it's survival. Your well-being matters.

7. It's Okay to Ask for Help.
Remember, you're not alone in this journey.

- Reach out to friends, family, or professionals
- Open up about your struggles
- Seek support when you need it

Strength isn't just about enduring in silence. It's also knowing when to ask for help.

To my friends and readers, Fight for yourself. No matter how difficult it becomes, never let yourself give in. After some time, your spark will eventually return. You will come out happier, healthier, and wiser. We are in this together.

Monday, November 13, 2023

Ocean of wisdom

A poor man always think the rich man made his wealth out of luck.  

And the rich man believes the poor is poor because he is lazy. 

A young lady who married very early  thinks ladies who are finding it hard to get married have bad character. 

A man who just graduated and get a job immediately thinks he is smarter than others. 

While a woman who just got married and start giving birth sees "barren" women as people who lived a wayward life. 

If only the poor knew the price the rich paid to get to top and if only the rich knows the battles, challenges that the poor is going  through, none will ever form a theory about each other. 

If the poor can't appreciate the rich man's success let him mind his business if it is easy to be rich he wouldn't have been poor. 

And if the rich won't help the poor grow at least they should not kill the spirit of a struggling man. 

If only you know what people endure or fight behind the scene you will always thank God for your life. Until you walk in people's shoes,  You will never know how hard the journey is.

Help each other grow!!! 
Mock less, envy no one. 
and love one another.

Repost from Realtalk ni Mel on Facebook. 

Monday, October 23, 2023

Tropang Sawi

By: Ren Coruejo

Tara na't Pakinggan,
Kaming mga nasaktan,
Kami'y magpapakilala lng nman,

Ako nga Pala si "Patpat"
Iyon ang tawag nila sa tulad kong Payat,
Minsan nang pinakilig ng taong di tapat,
Ginawang mundo ang taong di karapatdapat,
Nabulag sa pag ibig na inakalang sapat,
Sinisi ang sarili sa katawang buto't balat
Ngayon puso ko'y tila nalowbat
Dahil sa panloloko ng taong Huwad.

Ngayo'y ako naman ang mkikipagkwentuhan,
Ako nga pala si Repob, Pobre ang kabaliktaran,
Minsan ding nahumaling sa gandang kumikinang,
Nasilaw at naakit sa babaeng buwang,
Kinutya, pinagtaksilan, pinagpalit sa Mayaman,
Paghihirap at sakit tiniis na lamang,
Sarili tinanong, Ang pagiging mahirap ba'y isang Kasalanan?

Tama na ang mga salaysay aking mga Tropa,
Ako nman ngayon ang mgpapakilala,
Pangalan ko'y Negrita iyon ang tawag nila,
Umibig sa Lalaking may ibang sinisinta,
Nilalait, pinupuna, kulay kong di kaaya aya,
Tinutukso't binabato ng masasakit na salita,
Hindi mkatulog mula gabi hanggang umaga,
Sa kakaisip kung bakit siya pa,
Iniibig kong lalaki kasing ugali nila,
Ngayo'y natuto na,
Kadalasang ugali ng tao'y kabaliktaran ng itsura.

Labis na sakit na ang mga naririnig ko,
Ako'y pakinggan, estorya ko'y isaulo,
Wala sa Likod, dahil nasa harap nyo,
"Bekikang" iyan ang tawag sakin ng mga tao,
Bakletang mahilig sa matcho at gwapo,
Minsang naging seryoso sa lalaking siraulo,
Binigay ang lahat, maging ang buhay ko,
Binubugbog, pinerahan ng lalaking tarantado,
Sa ibang bakla'y nkipagtalik kapalit ng malaking premyo,
Mga inipon ko't pinaghirapa'y winaldas ng gago,
Mga plano kong binuo'y biglang naglaho,
Dahil sa isang lalaking manlolokong minuminuto,

Aking mga kaibigan, relax muna kayo diyan,
Talambuhay ko nman ang inyong pakinggan,
Ako pala si "Bobby" iyan ang aking Pangalan,
Kasalungat ng Patpat, Ako ay Malaman,
Sa Kusina'y napag iwanan,
Iyan ang bulong bulungan,
Hindi sa nagyayabang, kami'y may kaya din nman,
May negosyo't may ipagmamalaki aking kanunonunuan,
Minsan ding umibig nang walang alinlangan,
Sa isang babaeng akala ko'y pang walang hanggan,
Subalit nahuli kong may ibang kasintahan,
Napagtanto kong siya'y salawahan,
Isang araw siya'y sumulpot sa aking harapan,
Humingi ng tawad sa kanyang mga kasalanan,
Subalit sapat na ang aking mga nasaksihan,
Mga pera kong binigay ang lalaki ang nakinabang,
Kaya't ako'y hindi na magpapaloko kaninuman,

Ang mga naranasan niyo'y masaklap isipin,
Pahintulutan sanang estorya ko'y idagdag din,
Ako'y tinaguriang "Matalinong Matsing"
Dahil sa ilong kong bitin na bitin,
Matalino man, ngunit may kulang pa rin,
Dahil ang itsura ko'y isinumpa ng dilim,
Pinagdarasal ko laging ako ay mapansin,
Ng nililigawan kong kasing ganda ng bituin,
Oo nga't maraming humahanga sa angkin kong galing,
Ngunit hindi sa itsura kong walang bahid ng ningning,
Dumating ang panahon nung ako'y umamin,
Sa babaeng ako'y may tunay na pagtingin,
Pagsinta ko'y pinabatid ng mariin,
Sinamantala kahinaang maituturing,
Ako'y ginamit, relasyo'y nilihim
Pinagawa ang mga bagay na labag sa akin,
Isang araw ng ako'y dalhin,
Ng kapatid kong nag aalala sa akin,
Sa paarala'y nasaksihang may ibang kakissing scene,
Kaya napabulong na lng ako sa hangin,
Tama bang ito ang dapat kong sapitin?

Ang mga Kwento nami'y kapulutan ng aral,
Wag Maging bulag sa pagmamahal,
Puso'y isantabi, isip ang ipairal,
Kung noo'y nasktan ng pusong Brutal,
Ngayo'y matuto ka't wag maging hangal,
Kilatising mabuti mga taong kanal,
Puso'y di mawari sintigas ng bakal,
Sariling buhay mo'y wag isugal,
Sa mga taong may pusong mapanakal,
Ipabatid sa lahat Katapangang marangal,
Mapagsamantalang tao'y di dapat magtagal,
Sila'y di nararapat sa mundong Banal.

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Why life begins at forty as they say

As the saying goes "life begins at 40" by people like me who reach the age forty, it suggests that after reaching this age, a person has a fresh start in life and can start anew with new experiences and opportunities. It's often seen as a time to reflect on one's life so far and set new goals for the future. I know that age is just a number, but many people find that hitting their 40s can bring a newfound sense of confidence and clarity, they are now focusing on what truly matters to them. Whether it's pursuing a new career, taking up a new hobby, or simply living life with more purpose and intention, the 40s can be a time to rediscover and reinvent oneself. For my 40th birthday, I want to a famous person that my hometown will be proud of me.

Being a famous person requires a lot of hard work, huge dedication, and a unique talent or skill. It's also helpful to have a clear personal brand, a strong online presence, and the ability to network and collaborate with others in entertainment industry. Additionally, I am considering to look for a mentor, have the time to take acting classes to further develop my skills and to gain knowledge from experienced professionals.

Above all, fame doesn't guarantee happiness, so I will make sure that pursue my passions for the right reasons. With God's help, I want to spend my next ten years in making my self famous at the right time.

Monday, September 04, 2023

I'm entitled to my opinion

This is to re-post this good article to read from Facebook page Thinking Is Power.

DEFINITION AND EXPLANATION: It is true that everyone is (legally) entitled to their opinion. However, “I’m entitled to my opinion,” is often used to shield an unsupported position. And being entitled to your opinion doesn’t mean you’re right, or that anyone needs to take your opinion seriously.

There are several problems with this fallacy. 

1. An opinion doesn’t mean what they think it means. Opinions are subjective judgements or viewpoints. When someone claims they are “entitled to their opinion,” it’s often because they are trying to shield factually incorrect assertions.  

2. All opinions aren’t equal. Expert opinions are interpretations of evidence based on years of study and experience, and are significantly more robust and reliable than non-expert opinions. “I’m entitled to my opinion” suggests that their opinion is just as good as anyone else’s.

3. We should all be open to changing our minds if the evidence suggests we should. “I’m entitled to my opinion” is essentially an admission that they can’t justify their position… but yet they’re unwilling to entertain contradictory evidence or other points of view. 

In the face of facts that contradict a belief, especially one central to our identity or values, we use motivated reasoning to reduce the cognitive dissonance that arises when reality and our beliefs are in conflict. When that fails, our Get Out of Jail Free Card is to defend the belief by rendering it unfalsifiable and therefore immune to evidence. We move the goalposts. Discount sources or deny evidence. Proclaim that it’s our opinion.

It’s important to remember that the purpose of arguing isn’t to be right, it’s to get it right. “I’m entitled to my opinion” shuts down any further disagreement. We simply don’t want to be wrong.

HOW TO COUNTER: I tell my students on the first day of class that they are not entitled to their opinions. (At least not in class!) They are only entitled to what they can support with evidence. 

It’s a bit trickier in the “real world.” Remember that people are often unfamiliar with the basics of critical thinking, so they may not be used to having to support their positions with evidence. Consider explaining why “I’m entitled to my opinion” is fallacious, and the benefits of healthy disagreement. The best approach is probably to ask them why they hold this particular opinion, and why they think they’re “entitled” to it.


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Monday, August 21, 2023

Scams in the local entertainment

I have been for so many various production companies. This is article is about my experience in the local entertainment industry. You name it: shorts, movies, series and shows.

How to spot scammers in the acting business? Let me provide you some tips.
  1. Some productions collects payment. Just make sure you get official receipts the first time you pay. If not, that's a red flag. A legitimate acting workshop must be a business registered and that any money you pay should be issued an official receipts.
  2. Others don't ask you to pay for anything and that's a pro-bono. It means there's no talent fee. That's fine for the sake of exposure to the public viewing. May it be on YouTube or Facebook. Just go for this. Change it to your experience.
  3. Make sure that the production company you're thinking or planning to join has connections with people who are already in the industry. It is a must that the company should be able to produce a good set of setcards for your with a VTR and that you have a copy of these.
  4. Since I have been for over  a year, make sure that they good camera not smartphones when shooting a scene for your project. Branded camera adds legitamcy of the production.
  5. Regardless of gender or sex, if a talent scouts ask you to send nude photos, that's a no-no.
Having these things said, make sure to join Facebook groups about acting in the Philippines and do your research for these production companies. I have a list of them but I keep it a secret for me.

Monday, May 15, 2023

Just call me by my name

As I embarked on my new journey in the recruitment processing industry, I had the pleasure of meeting individuals who shared my passion for speaking Spanish. Among them were two young ladies who, like myself, were newcomers to the industry.

In Filipino work culture, there's a sense of familial camaraderie where colleagues often address each other with affectionate titles rather than by their names. For instance, older women may be called "mother," older men "father," and so on.

During my time in Ortigas Center, we affectionately referred to one of our colleagues as "daddy." May he rest in peace. Now, in my current workplace in Eastwood, these two young ladies affectionately call me "mama," despite my insistence otherwise.

Personally, I prefer to be addressed by my name alone—simply Gerry. Being called "mama" is something I cannot embrace, as it holds a sacred place reserved for one person—my mother. On this note, I extend warm wishes to all mothers across the universe on this Mother's Day.

Monday, May 08, 2023

Yes to charter change: wakasan ang kahirapan at kurapsiyon


As a concerned citizen, do you aspire to contribute to the alleviation or reduction of poverty and corruption within our nation?

If your answer is affirmative, we invite you to join us in advocating for constitutional reforms through the three-point agenda proposed by the CoRRECT Movement. Let's work together to spread awareness of the imperative need for these reforms.

1. REMOVAL of ECONOMIC PROVISIONS in the CONSTITUTION. Put the regulations, provisions, restrictions and other policies needed out of the Constitution into the REGIONAL PARLIAMENT LEGISLATION.

Ito ang unang susi sa pagwakas ng KAHIRAPAN at KAWALAN ng TRABAHO.
Ang pagiging bukas na ekonomiya ang syang ginawa ng SINGAPORE, CHINA, TAIWAN, at VIETNAM, MALAYSIA para mapaunlad ang kanilang bansa.

2. SHIFT to PARLIAMENTARY government system at levels of government (national, regional, local) with reference to Germany, Switzerland, Singapore, Canada and Australia.

Ito ang unang susi para wakasan ang KORUPSYON at kung paano naging mas MAY DISIPLINA ang mga tao at sumusunod sila sa batas...

3. ADAPT EVOLVING FEDERALISM again with reference to Germany, Switzerland, Canada and Australia and UK.

Ito ang unang hakbang para mapalago ang mga PROBINSYA at ibalik ang METRO MANILA sa dati nitong ganda at kawalan ng trapiko.

Ating hikayatin lahat ng nga mga tao sa PILIPINAS na magingay, pagusapan ang CONSTITUTIONAL REFORMS at ang THREE POINT AGENDA ng CoRRECT Movement para magkaroon na ng TUNAY na PAGBABAGO sa PILIPINAS.

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CoRRECT™ Movement Moderated Public Forum

Monday, April 24, 2023

It's time to verify

When it comes to social media, we are constantly bombarded with news and information. But not all of it is true! To verify the accuracy of news on social media, there are a few things you can do.

Is it credible?

Firstly, when evaluating an article, it's essential to check the credibility of the source. Reliable sources typically have a track record of accuracy and integrity, so it's wise to verify the reputation of the publication or author. If there are doubts about the source's reliability, it's advisable to cross-check the information with other reputable sources to ensure its accuracy and credibility.

Look for supporting evidence

Secondly, look for supporting evidence or quotes within the article that corroborate its claims. Reliable articles often include references to studies, expert opinions, or official statements that lend credibility to the information presented. By examining the supporting evidence, readers can better assess the validity of the article's claims and make informed judgments about its accuracy.

Your analytical skills

Thirdly, analyze the writing style of the article. Sensational phrases, extreme viewpoints, or overly biased language may indicate that the article is more focused on eliciting an emotional response than presenting factual information. It's essential to approach such articles with caution and critically evaluate the content to separate fact from opinion or speculation.

Verify its acuracy

Lastly, before sharing an article on social media or other platforms, take the time to conduct additional research to verify its accuracy. By independently verifying the information through reputable sources or fact-checking websites, you can help prevent the spread of misinformation and promote authentic and genuine news stories to your audience. Taking these steps can contribute to a more informed and discerning online community.

Yes to charter change: Parliamentary System

Article 6 & 7 - Form of Government

REFORM the current lousy PRESIDENTIAL Structure to the superior PARLIAMENTARY System
  • MUCH LESSER CORRUPTION - Top 10 for the LEAST CORRUPT in the Global Corruption index all operate under PARLIAMENTARY SYSTEM;
  • SAVINGS of 400 to 500 BILLION PESOS ANNUALLY potentially due to REDUCTION in CORRUPTION;
  • CHEAPER elections: for the candidates and the electorate, less elections being bought by oligarchs;
  • YEARLY SAVINGS of 30 BILLION PESOS potentially due to cheaper and less elections;
  • COST of RUNNING a GOVERNMENT is very much(maybe 50%) lower in PARLIAMENTARY SYSTEM since the EXECUTIVE and LEGISLATIVE branches are fused;
  • VOTE on IDEAS not personalities: LESS DYNASTIES;
  • COMPETITION based on POLICIES : LESS POPULARITY contests / electorate forced to think and prioritize when voting;
  • FASTER ELECTIONS: leads to cheaper elections which again reduces the risk of elections being bought by monopoly seekers / rent seekers/ oligarchs;
  • MINORITY IDEAS get a turn in the spotlight : in a presidential system, mostly ideas backed by the political elite or pushed for by deep pockets get discussed;
  • No more "OUST (INSERT NAME HERE)" shenanigans: if the leader you don't like has truly lost favor with the electorate, a simple NO CONFIDENCE VOTE can oust that person;
  • LESS EXTREMISM: In parliamentary systems, oftentimes no one single party gets to rule outright. This pushes them to form coalitions. This usually ensures that extremist parties don't dominate;
  • INTRAPARTY DISCIPLINE: there are competing egos in every party and this ensures the ones who lead parties truly know their stuff and have internal fortitude;
  • EASE OF DOING BUSINESS will greatly improve especially if handled by REGIONAL PARLIAMENTS;

and ADAPTING a MORE OPEN MARKET ECONOMY by REMOVING all ECONOMIC PROVISIONS in the Constitution (now top 3 most restrictive economy in the world)
are the KEY INITIAL STEPS in UNTANGLING the BUREAUCRATIC MESS from the top to bottom, left and right, that has burdened our COUNTRY for a very long time now.

KALAMPAGIN natin ang mga SENADOR at sabihan natin na aprubahan at trabahoin na ang CHARTER CHANGE na panukala ni SENATOR ROBIN PADILLA at ng mga PDP Laban Senators.
We also support and wholeheartedly thank the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES for giving priority to Charter Change especially to Representatives Martin Romualdez, Rufus Rodriguez, Richard Gomez and Stella Quimbo.

Matatamasa lang natin ang TUNAY na PAGBABAGO tungo sa pagwasak sa KAHIRAPAN at KORUPSYON kung mababago na natin ang ating SISTEMANG POLITIKAL at EKONOMIYA.

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CoRRECT™ Movement Moderated Public Forum

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Monday, April 17, 2023

Yes to charter change: evolving federalism


ARTICLE 10: Structure of TERRITORIAL Administration - National and Local Government

For FEDERALISM to work in the Philippines, we need it to be EVOLVING and we need to first REMOVE ALL ECONOMIC PROVISIONS in the CONSTITUTION and setup a PARLIAMENTARY SYSTEM of government at all levels.

Evolving federalism refers to the decentralization of power and decision-making from the central government to regional or local authorities.
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Decentralization can lead to the development of new urban centers and the growth of smaller towns and cities, reducing the burden on major urban centers. This can help to ease congestion, reduce pollution, and improve the quality of life in these areas.

REGIONAL RESPONSIBILITY: Decentralization can also empower regional or local authorities to take greater responsibility for their own development, including infrastructure, education, health, and social services. This can help to ensure that resources are distributed more equitably across different regions, reducing disparities and promoting social cohesion.

REGIONAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Decentralization can also lead to the development of regional economies, with local authorities able to tailor policies and programs to the specific needs of their regions. This can promote entrepreneurship, innovation, and competitiveness, driving economic growth and job creation.

REGIONAL CULTURE and LANGUAGE ENRICHMENT: Decentralization can also help to preserve and promote regional cultures and languages, which may be threatened by globalization and centralization. By empowering regional authorities to take greater responsibility for cultural and linguistic policies, decentralization can help to ensure that diverse cultural and linguistic traditions are valued and celebrated.

Setting up "Evolving Federalism" means that right upon RATIFICATION of such a change, the Philippines will, at that point, STILL BE UNITARY.

Yup, we will still be unitary ON DAY ONE after ratification.

All that will happen is that the configuration parameters of the structure of territorial administration will be altered so that our territorial administration will mimic the situation of Spain right after their adoption of the 1978 Constitution, which is:
  1. adjacent provinces are to group themselves together based on similar language/ethnicity/culture.
  2. the concept of "independent cities" will be removed so that rich and highly urbanized cities will essentially be contributing to their province and region in general.
  3. the regions (formed by the joining of similar provinces) will be given the ability to form their own governing bodies based on the parliamentary system.
Peculiar to the Philippines, this will also be adopted:
  • All regions who are economically self-sufficient can become Federated Regions, and will help contribute funds to the Federal Government, part of which will also help the less-developed regions.
  • All regions who are NOT YET economically self-sufficient will automatically become Federal Territories, essentially under Federal Government supervision and assistance.
  • The National Capital Region will NOT become an autonomous community but will instead be directly under the Federal Government. It will be called the Federal Capital Territory of Metropolitan Manila. This "territory" will be the key "funding source" of the National Government.

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Monday, March 27, 2023

Yes to charter change: annual returns ng pagbabago

Nasa 800 BILLION to 1 TRILLION PESOS ang potential ANNUAL RETURNS ng Constitutional Reforms or CHARTER CHANGE.

Ang sinasabi na maaring gastos for having a CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION is around 11-15B PESOS one time cost or expense.

Maraming NAGREREKLAMO na MALAKI raw ito na GASTOS... Pero hindi nila sinasabi kung ano ang benefit if magConstitutional Reforms tayo.


Tingnan na lang natin sa dalawang aspeto. Ito ang sa FDIs or FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENTS at sa COST of CORRUPTION.

Ang ANNUAL AVERAGE ng PILIPINAS is around US$8Billion of FDIs entering the country.
If we REMOVE ALL ECONOMIC PROVISIONS in the CONSTITUTION, the FDIs is projected to maybe double or triple.
That is around US$8Billion more on FDIs or PHP448Billion entering the Philippine Economy in the form of JOBS and capital INVESTMENTS and business expenditures benefiting the common workforce, the MSMEs, and the local businesses as a whole.
Add to that the intangible benefit of TECHNOLOGY and SKILLS TRANSFER to the labor force.

The Philippines is losing around P700 billion, or around 20 percent of the country's total budget appropriation, yearly, due to corruption, an official said.
If we SHIFT to FEDERAL PARLIAMENTARY, and if we can hopefully reduce CORRUPTION by 50%, that is a SAVINGS of PHP350Billion every year.

3. Kahit pa we will use a VERY CONSERVATIVE ESTIMATE.

For FDIs (increase of just 10%)
448B pesos * .1 = 44.8Billion Pesos

For Corruption(down by 10%)
700B pesos * .1 = 70Billion Pesos

For a total of 115Billion Pesos.

Dito sa dalawang aspeto, kitang kita na natin na ang laki ng BENEFITS if we do CONSTITUTIONAL REFORMS as soon as possible.

Maliit na maliit lang ang ating INVESTMENT of 11B at kahit na DOBLEHEN pa to 22B pesos
as compared to Potential RETURN of 800 Billion or 115Billion Pesos conservatively.

Wala pa diyan ang other benefits like
  1. Improved standards of living for the people.
  2. Improved quality of goods and services
  3. Improved efficiency and effectiveness of the government system

This just proves the POINT that COST should never be an ISSUE for doing Constitutional Reforms because the benefit is just too high to ignore. It would just be IDIOTIC to ignore this REALITY.

With this crude and basic analysis, pwede pa natin pagsabayin ang Constitutional Convention(CON-CON) at ang Constituent Assembly(CON-ASS) to ensure that we will have COMPLETE and FAST DELIVERY of the NEEDED CONSTITUTIONAL REFORMS.

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