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Monday, December 04, 2023

My thoughts about SIM registration

When the SIM registration enacted into law in October 10, 2022 in the Philippines, there are only few people or groups who are against it. Let's try to dig some thoughts about this social issue.

Benefits of having SIM cards registered:

  • Crack down on mobile phone scams and other crimes
  • Aims to use SIM cards responsibly
Some issues being raised by some groups who are against this law
  • Right to data privacy
  • Violation of freedom of expression and access to information
  • Spoofing of a registered SIM card
  • Could be use to mass surveillance
Since the deactivation was recently in force on July 26, 2023, I am still in the gathering of valuable information if the issues raised above are true.

Meanwhile, Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), one of the largest banks in the Philippines, is being true to its commitment in fight versus scams. Most of these frauds are done through phone users. BPI is spending at least 500 million pesos to defend such fraud. The SIM registration is crucial as this will help to lessen, if not, eliminate scams in the country.

Let me know what you think by sending your comments below.

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