To Amend or Not To Amend: That is the Question. A Debate on Charter Change.

Monday, March 18, 2024

Absurd 1987 Philippine Constitution

Whatever is happening in the Philippines is a result of implementing an absurd constitution that centralizes everything in the country, and forcing everyone to migrate from any part of the Philippines to Metro Manila. This is what is happening when all of the 82 provinces of the archipelago are neglected, despite all of them are tax payers.

The development of local economies are impaired by monopolies, and doupolies that past administrations since 1987 prioritize their oligarch and elite friends, at the expense of all Filipinos. Definitely, EDSA-pwera!

When there is no foreign direct investments (FDIs), there is also no competition in the economy and everyone leads to mediocrity. No competiton means minimum wage for local workers, no purchasing power of the masses to afford basic necessities such as food, shelter, clothing and nothing luxuries at all.

Those imperialists in Metro Manila and the Tagalog elitists hoard almost all of the national budget and development for decades, then the same who gatekeep the development of 82 provinces as if non-Manila residents are not entitled to it. In the national level, all of the provinces are always in the losing end in terms of infrastructure development. You're truly ignorant if you don't know these matters and even opposing charter change in the country!

No question then that our 1987 constitution is flawed, outdated, defective, rotten and even irrelevant documents by its stupid framers in 1986 in today's modern world.


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Tuesday, March 12, 2024

It's 22nd Sabbath anniversary

It's a happy 22nd Sabbath Anniversary in the Church of God as written in the Bible! This milestone marks not only a significant passage of time but also a journey of spiritual growth, reflection, and dedication to the common faith. Over the past 22 years, undoubtedly you experienced a profound connection with God  and his people and have deepened your understanding of His teachings and principles.

A birthday greetings from MCGI Symphony Orchestra

As I commemorate this special occasion, taking the moment to reflect on the countless blessings and lessons I have received throughout my journey in the Members Church of God International (MCGI). Each Sabbath has been an opportunity for me to come together with brethren, to worship, to learn, and to be spiritually nourished by the word of God in the Bible. With God's help, I will continue to be committed in doing good works to everyone I meet each day.

Looking ahead to the future, may God will guide as I continue the journey in the Church of God be filled with abundant blessings, spiritual growth, and more opportunities to do good work to brethren and fellow men. As I embark on the next chapter of my journey, may God guide our leaders Bro. Daniel Razon through the wisdom and grace of God, and may he continue to be a leader of light and inspiration to those around us. It's my 22nd Sabbath anniversary, and may God's love and blessings be with us always!

Monday, March 04, 2024

Bakit single pa rin?

In the latest update posted by GMA News kung balit may ilang mga Pinoy na pinipili ang maging single. Maraming dahilan kung bakit pinipili ang relationship status na single. Narito ang ilan sa mga nakuha kong information:

  • Pera over jowa
  • Peace of mind, yung wala masyadong issue
  • Focused on self-growth
  • Set of priorities
  • Doesn't align with your principles
  • Walang choice
  • Less expensive (hindi doble ang bibilhin mong foods, drinks, etc.)
  • Rare na ang matinong lalake or babae
  • Gustong maging independent for all successes and achivements
  • Self-healing after being hurt or done hurting someone
  • Can't even take care of self
  • Walang pera
  • Combination ng pagiging tamad, work from home, and not getting to meet anyone new
  • Being contented and happy
  • Sarili ang mamahalin, hindi ang iba
  • Mayaman ang hanap ng iba
  • Parang trabaho pero hind ka qualified
  • Being in a relationship is a luxury and you should expect a great deal of stress and anxiety
  • Ayaw makasakit sa damdamin ng iba kaya stay single na lang
  • Hindi pa ready ang sarili sa relasyon
  • Pangit ang hitsura
  • Cheaters kasi yung iba, hindi pa nakaka-move-on sa ex
  • Not able to match the energy
  • Mataas ang standards
  • Para iwas ang gastos
  • Not interested in pursing a relationship
  • Mababa ang credit score
  • Unrealistic ang standards
  • Yung gusto ko, hindi ako gusto
  • Focus muna sa sarili
  • Naka-"me time" ako baka mabalewala lang ang future partner
  • Dahil sa lagay ng ekonomiya
  • Breadwinner kasi
  • Walang time
  • Iniwan kasi ako kaya single
  • Masyadong makasarili
  • It's meant to be single
  • Kontento na sa mga kaibigan ang kapamilya
  • Nag-eenjoy sa pagiging third-wheel kasi merong food trips, activities, etc.
  • Tinatamad lang
  • Kasi walang drama, peaceful ang buhay
  • For the peace of mind
  • Lack of substance and insecure
  • Hindi kasi romantic
  • Mahal ang bilihin
  • Lahat ng nagustuhan ko, ayaw sa akin
  • Hindi pa priority

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