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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

An open letter to batch 2021 of Isabela NHS

Dear class of Isabela NHS 2021,

You must feel excited to go out of our city (Ilagan City and nearby towns in Isabela province) and seek for your future! The feeling is mutual when I graduated 20 years ago at Isabela National High School.

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Before you leave the premises of our prestigious school, enjoy your last moments with your classmates and friends. I know that some of you may not have yet definite directions or paths in life. This maybe the last time you see some of your classmates and friends. Enjoy it. I encourage you to cherish these moments. Take photos and videos as remembrance. I know that you're tired of doing homework, projects, you name it. But remember to keep and cherish your notes, letters, test papers, projects and sorts of.

Thursday, March 11, 2021

19th Sabbath anniversary

A million thanks to God for another milestone in the church. Come March 12th, it will be my 19th year sabbath after accepting the doctrine of the Lord through baptism. For years to come, God-willing, I will continue the faith I learned in the church and be a living example of the gospel of the Lord. Thanks be to God. To God be the Glory!

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