Monday, May 15, 2023

Call me by my name

When I started by new journey to the recruitment processing industry, I meet new people who are of the same interest - speaking Spanish! I met two young ladies who, like me, are new to this industry.

Filipino culture at work seems like an extended family where instead of calling a fellow colleague by name, somehow calling that colleague by other name. For example, older women are called mother, older men fathers and the like.

When I was in working in Ortigas Center, we call one of our colleagues, daddy. May he rest in peace! Now, I am working in Eastwood, these two young ladies call me mama. Which I already inform not to call me such but someone insists.

Personally, call me by my name is enough for me. Simply Gerry. Callling me mama, is something that I will never be, I cannot be, replace your mother.

The word mamang is a sacred word to me. I have only one mother in the world! Happy mother's day to all mothers in the universe!