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Friday, February 16, 2024

EDSA is officially dead in the Philippines

Numerous individuals and organizations, including ex-Supreme Court justices Antonio Carpio and Adolfo Azcuna, are advocating for an end to discussions about amendments to the Constitution. However, it is argued that EDSA has lost its relevance over time since the rushed ratification of the 1987 Philippine constitution was carried out without proper notification of citizens. As a result of this move which left our country severely underdeveloped; rather than embodying hope and positive change as intended by EDSA's spirit initially - today we see nothing but inconvenience caused by traffic congestion because infrastructure hasn't kept pace with population growth in urban areas making it ineffective. Its deterioration from lackadaisical maintenance renders it gradually becoming obsolete until eventually ceasing existence altogether.

Source: Wikipedia

After the Philippine government issued a decree announcing holidays for 2024, it became apparent that the EDSA People Power Revolution was not included. A vast majority of Filipinos have come to accept that this historic event has lost its significance since Benigno Simeon Aquino's presidency.

In case you haven't come to terms with reality yet, let me kindly remind you that the EDSA rhetoric has officially been put to rest by the majority of Filipino citizens who voted in the recent 2022 elections. As a result, it's crucial that we move on from a constitution based on this now defunct ideology. The previous framework failed in its superficial attempt at safeguarding Philippine interests and was rather motivated by an ulterior goal of prohibiting power for the Marcoses. It is time for those involved with yellow, pink, and red movements reevaluate their approaches as they search for alternative tactics aimed at deceiving people again.

The primary recollection of EDSA for many Filipinos is its infamous reputation as the world's most congested road, with little else standing out in their minds.

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