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Monday, November 13, 2023

Ocean of wisdom

A poor man always think the rich man made his wealth out of luck.  

And the rich man believes the poor is poor because he is lazy. 

A young lady who married very early  thinks ladies who are finding it hard to get married have bad character. 

A man who just graduated and get a job immediately thinks he is smarter than others. 

While a woman who just got married and start giving birth sees "barren" women as people who lived a wayward life. 

If only the poor knew the price the rich paid to get to top and if only the rich knows the battles, challenges that the poor is going  through, none will ever form a theory about each other. 

If the poor can't appreciate the rich man's success let him mind his business if it is easy to be rich he wouldn't have been poor. 

And if the rich won't help the poor grow at least they should not kill the spirit of a struggling man. 

If only you know what people endure or fight behind the scene you will always thank God for your life. Until you walk in people's shoes,  You will never know how hard the journey is.

Help each other grow!!! 
Mock less, envy no one. 
and love one another.

Repost from Realtalk ni Mel on Facebook. 

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