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Monday, July 15, 2013

Ten rules of making new friends

If you were to make the ten rules of friendship, the following should be included:
  • Do things together. Engage in shared activities and experiences, creating memories together that strengthen the connection between individuals.
  • Be honest. Practice honesty and openness in communication, fostering trust and transparency within the relationship.
  • Talk about ideas, homes and dreams, fears and disappointments. Engage in meaningful conversations about aspirations, fears, and challenges, allowing for deep understanding and emotional support.
  • Encourage one another to do what is right. Support and encourage one another in making ethical and morally upright decisions, promoting growth and integrity within the relationship.
  • Be trustworthy and trusting. Build a foundation of mutual trust and reliability, demonstrating dependability and faith in each other's actions.
  • Talk out problems and disagreements. Address conflicts and differences constructively, by engaging in open dialogue and finding mutually beneficial resolutions.
  •  Look out for one another. Demonstrate care and concern for each other's well-being, offering assistance and support during times of need.
  • Listen carefully for another. Practice active listening, showing empathy and understanding towards each other's perspectives and feelings.
  • Comfort each other in down times. Provide comfort and reassurance during difficult times, offering solace and emotional support to alleviate distress.
  • Have fun. Embrace joy and laughter, finding opportunities to enjoy each other's company and create moments of happiness and levity in the relationship.
That's it. Being a good friend will be simple.

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