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Sunday, May 17, 2020

Going back to Pasig City

After President Duterte have declared that the entire Metro Manila will be under modified ECQ on May 16th, our company needs also to cut down costs by ending the contract for our accommodation. So it's now time to go back to the City of Pasig, the green city.

A selfie inside the accommodation room.

To my present company, thanks for the two-month free accommodation with AC and stable Internet connection including the shuttle service going from and to work.

A self on the 12th floor of the building

A street photo along Banaag street in Pineda, Pasig City

I was able to return to the city safe through the company's shuttle service. Finally, I meet the same people at home again and able to adjust from two months for AC-powered room to just a fan-powered bed space. Anyway, I am flexible as much as I can at whatever situations I must be in.

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