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Why you can't please anyone no matter how much effort you make?

It is impossible to please everyone since different people have different expectations, tastes, and points of view that frequently clash. No matter how hard you try, it's difficult, if not impossible, to please everyone for the following reasons:

Diverse Preferences: People's interests, values, and tastes vary widely. What makes one person happy might not make another one happy. For instance, one person may love a given musical genre while another may not.

People frequently have expectations that are in conflict with one another. Attempting to satisfy one individual's demands may result in falling short of another's. This is especially true when there are conflicting interests or priorities at play.

Subjectivity: Perceptions and preferences are personal. Something pleasant or fulfilling to one person may not be to another. It is challenging to produce anything that appeals to everyone because of this subjectivity.

Changing Tastes and Preferences: Over time, tastes and preferences might vary. Something that made someone happy in the past might not make them happy now. Because of this, it is difficult to continuously satisfy everyone over a long period of time.

Limited Resources: Time, money, and energy are examples of limiting resources. Due to the limitations of these resources, it might not be possible to satisfy everyone's tastes.

Contradictory Feedback: Individuals offer a variety of sometimes incongruous comments. What is considered a stride forward by one person may be considered a regression by another. It's difficult to bring these disparate viewpoints together.

Unreasonable Expectations: There are those who hold unreasonable or unrealistic expectations. It could be impossible for you to live up to these expectations, no matter how hard you work.
Personal Bias: People frequently have preconceived notions that color their opinions and views. Even in cases where attempts are made to unbiased satisfy everyone, this prejudice can give rise to disputes and discontent.

In conclusion, even though it's normal to desire to satisfy other people, it's critical to understand the complexity and inherent restrictions involved. Doing what feels right for oneself and one's principles, along with sincerity and integrity, can lead to more significant and rewarding outcomes than aiming for universal approval.

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