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Saturday, May 04, 2024

An open letter to Ilagueños

Dear fellow Ilagueños,

Today, May 4, 2024, as we commemorate the founding anniversary of our dear city, let us pause to consider the path that has united us. Our city's history is intertwined with tenacity, cohesion, and steadfast spirit, from the modest beginnings of Ilagan in 1686 to the colorful and prosperous city we are today.

As we commemorate this momentous anniversary every year, we embrace the prospects of the future while also paying tribute to the past. Let us honor the memories of our forefathers, whose toil and devotion set the groundwork for our city. Let's also commemorate the victories and advancements we have made as a team, led by the values of unity and collaboration.

Let's reaffirm our commitment to creating a better future for Ilagan as we come together to celebrate this significant occasion. Let's keep collaborating to promote diversity, creativity, and sustainable growth in our neighborhood.

I hope that this foundation anniversary will serve as a constant reminder of our common history, our power as a group, and the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. Let us write the next chapter of Ilagan's history with pride, enthusiasm, and determination as a team.

Happy Founding Anniversary, Ilagan!

With warm regards,
Gerry Yabes

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