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Friday, July 09, 2010

Text abbreviations

Text Abbreviations

afaikas far as I know
bcnube seein’ you
brbbe right back
btwby the way
cwylchat with you later
fwiwfor what it’s worth
fyifor your information
hhokha ha only kidding
hthhope this helps
imhoin my humble opinion
iowin other words
npno problem
oicoh I see
otohon the other hand
povpoint of view
rtfmread the freakin manual
ttfnta ta for now
ttyltalk to you later
wbwelcome back
wrtwith respect to
ymmvyour mileage may vary

The Internet has spawned a range of new abbreviations and acronyms often used in email, on the Usenet newsgroups, and on the IRC as short forms for longer phrases to make typing and therefore communicating easier. Some of the standard Internet text abbreviations are shown below.

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