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Tuesday, May 01, 2018

On Facebook Scandal

Collect all the data you want. When I signed up for Facebook and added my real name,  email address,  phone number,  address,  job and photos, I was intentionally giving up my privacy. If one is afraid about his/her privacy then why would you do it. I don't see any issues of having my data online. As long as my bank details and credit card numbers are safe I am totally okay with it.

Google is doing a really good job with collecting people's data. You will be surprised about how much Google knows about you: the places you go, the food you eat, the shows you watch, each and everything you do in your life is recorded by Google. And it uses these data very well in helping you. Google let's you know that it has all your data and it helps to make you life easier. And I am ok with that.

Same goes with Facebook. They deliver the best service. So always have a review of their privacy terms from time to time. Keep that in mind. 

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