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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Why I left Casilagan Pentecostal Church?

This is a story of my life when I was in my former religion. I became a member of the Casilagan Pentecostal Church in our barangay. It is a small church of less than 100 members, including my relatives and some of my neighbors. It is up to now situated in barangay Casilagan. That barangay is consisting the Hacienda San Antonio. In the southeartern portion of Ilagan town.

I was not aware of the story of this religion. I forgot the name of a man who founded it. And how it became started. The doctrines of this religion have something similarities of other religions. Such as the group of born-again movements and other religion carrying the pentecostal name. They gathered themselves on sunday. First, they have sunday school early morning. Then they do their holy super on 10:00 am and then praying... with speaking in tongue but no body understand.

I even became a sunday school teacher. Teaching children in the bible some in year 1998. But their teaching materials came from a ministry of religion in which was published in the USA. Which is not part of pentecostal. Their pastor bought this from USA. In which there is a direct connection to the American cultures.

The members call their pastors as reverend. Which is against the bible. Wearing of good business suit with neck tie. With members who are poor in life, have nothing to eat sometimes and taught their members to pay tithes.

With my notebook and pen, I always recorded everything about Casilagan Pentecostal Church. Every friday, it was always gathering of young people. A group of youth from age 13 upto 19 years old. Here, the youth are supposed to attend. Everyone are allowed to speak for something. Every youth may stand as a teacher. Practicing themselves to become a pastor someday.

On saturdays, starting from two in the afternoon. These young people are going to prepare the chapel for the sunday gathering. On this day, young people are taught to sing a song, to make a presentation, etc. They have projects to meet such as piso mula sa puso for buying instruments. In the evening of saturdays, there are prayer requests, there are singing from the congregation but not all the members attend. Most of the members are not so serious in attending ceremonies.

The name of this religion was Casilagan Pentecostal Church, and they have revised it. They call it now Casilagan Church. I dont know the reason but I think they have taught for themselves that Pentecostal was not found in the bible. Atleast they have the mind to do so.

But what is the reason why I left Casilagan Pentecostal Church? I left the Casilagan Pentecostal Church because they are wrong. What the bible teaches us is the church of God. And for those who people who are still there, believing that someday, they will be saved. I am calling to the members of Casilagan Pentecostal Church and to the people of barangay Casilagan to avoid it. They are not telling you the truth. If they are telling the truth, I should remain a member up to now.

I remember some people there who are so thoughtful. Atleast, I feel something good to them. Some have done me good and some are bad. As I am following the scriptures, that is to follow what is good in the sight of God. but I have found a better place to go, and that is the Church of God in the bible.

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