11 April 2011

Publishing my first book

Putting Your Passion Into Print: Get Your Book Published Successfully! (Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published: How to Write)Thanks to Ruben Alacan, Jr. for giving me an inspiration to publish a book. It's actually my first book in the making. As I have read his article on last Sunday issue of Manila Bulletin (April 3). Another option is to put a blog, on which this website of mine is on the right track. But much less costly.

Before reaching the age of 30, I might have published this book already. Selling at National Book Store outlets and that is another achievement for me. According to Ms. Caroline Laguinto, to become a professor, you need to qualify the following requirements:

  1. Fifteen years of teaching consecutively;
  2. Published at least three books; and
  3. Conducted ten research papers.
If you want to become a professor someday, you may consider this post. It takes time to attain such achievement. Good luck.

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