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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

On strategies and planning

Strategies and planning is not just for the games like chess, soccer, American football and basketball for a team to make it on the top. Managing one’s life also require planning and strategies to build our future and enjoy the bounty of life by experiencing comfort and contentment in life.

Business entities goal is to satisfy its costumers, clientele to make their product saleable or fast moving for them to generate sales that spells success and stability of the business of the economy and in the market competition. In able to compete other business and make it a difference in market competition, shop owners through their business plans strategies.

Separating strategy from planning: strategy is about decision making. It is about trade-off, about deciding how to focus, how to be the best, how to be different, and how to best pursue opportunities. Planning is the process of deciding what actions are needed to achieve the vision or goal of the business.

Planning helps an organization chart a course for the achievement of its goals. The process begins with reviewing the current operations of the organization and identifying what needs to be improved operationally in the upcoming year. From there, planning involves envisioning the results of the organization wants to achieve, and determining the steps necessary to arrive at the intended destination—success, whether that is measured in financial terms, or goals that include being the highest-rated organization in customer satisfaction. Planning promotes team building and a spirit of cooperation. 

When the plan is completed and communicated to members of the organization, everyone knows what their responsibilities are, and how other areas of the organization, need their assistance and expertise in order to complete assigned tasks. They see how their work contributes to the success of the organization as a whole and can take pride in their contributions. Potential conflict can be reduced when top management solicits department or division managers’ input during the goal setting process. Individuals are less likely to resent budgetary targets when they had a say in their creation.

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest rout to victory; tactics without energy is the noise before defeat” quoted by Sun Tzu – The Art of War. Marketing Strategy is something that helps companies achieves marketing objectives. Marketing objectives help achieve corporate objectives and corporate objectives aim to achieve a competitive advantage over rival organizations.

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