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Friday, October 04, 2013

My teacher, my hero 2013

Let me start by defining what a hero is. A hero is a person admired for great deeds or fine qualities, and a person who shows great courage. These qualities are strongly evident in the teachers.

The life of a teacher is very interesting and challenging. A teacher is a guide, a searcher, a counsellor, a creator, an authority, an inspirer of vision, a doer of routine, a story teller and actor or actress, a facer of reality and an evaluator. A teacher takes a hand, opens mind, touches a heart and shapes the future of pupils that are entrusted in her love and care to the fullest contentment. The teachers serve as second parents and models in school. As role models, they must project good public image worthy of emulation.

They must manifest dedication, sincerity, dignity, professionalism, simplicity and self respect. They must also have respect for people, faith in their intelligence and the willingness to enter into human relations on the basis of equality, the give and take relationship with peers and/or co-workers, parents and citizens. The role of the teachers in nation building can never be under estimated. They share a greater bulk of responsibility in molding the minds of the leader of tomorrow, the youth.

Based on the multi tasks, responsibilities and expectations from teachers, I strongly commend that they are really the superheroes of every generation. They deserved to be recognized, honoured and be given merits not only on the occasion of teacher’s day but throughout the days of their lives for their magnanimous and unselfish efforts and dedication in the lives of the pupils that surely redound and enshrined in the hearts of the parents, the community, the nation and most of all, to the world. I salute you dear teachers, the heroes of today, tomorrow and forever.

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