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Monday, July 03, 2023

If tomorrow never comes, vlogs and more...

In July 2022, following my departure from Sutherland, I delved into the realm of entertainment. Eager to explore acting, I enrolled in a basic workshop held in Makati City by a notable production company.

Fortunate to secure a role in the BL series "If Tomorrow Never Comes," produced by DCTV Production in San Rita, Pampanga, I dedicated my weekends to filming, ensuring captivating stories for our predominantly international audience.

By August 2022, I immersed myself in another month-long project under A S Production, where I assumed a leading role in one of their productions.

Subsequently, I became a member of KSMBPI, a Social Media house in Quezon City, until an unexpected incident during a show on November 30, 2022, prompted my departure.

In December 2022, I ventured into the world of vlogs and shorts on Facebook with Papatiks Entertainment. Although initially offered a two-year contract, it was abruptly terminated for undisclosed reasons. My advice to aspiring showbiz enthusiasts: hone your craft through rigorous acting workshops and remain vigilant against potential scams.

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