Monday, July 03, 2023

If tomorrow never comes, vlogs and more...

Last July 2022, after resigning my employment with Sutherland, I decided to explore the world of entertainment. So I did attend basic acting workship in Makati City under a certain production.

I also luckily got one of the casts of If tomorrow never comes, a BL series under the direction of DCTV production based in San Rita, Pampanga.We did tapings almost every weekend to make sure we have enough stories to tell to the audience. Most of the audiences are outside the Philippines.

Fast forward to August 2022, I met new people at another production for almost a month under A S production. Where I starred one of the shows.

With the Social Media house, KSMBPI in Quezon City, I was luckily being a member of it, until something fishy happened in November 30, 2022 during a show.

In December 2022, I meet new people who do vlogs and shorts on Facebook under Papatiks Entertainment. I got two-year contract but immediately abolished for some reason.

If you plan to join showbiz, make sure you're full equip with lots of acting workship and beware of scammers!

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